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Part-Time Gods is a tabletop roleplaying game from Third Eye Games where the players take control of gods living in the mortal realm. Not demigods or godlike beings, but actual true gods that rule over a specific domain like life, death, fire, or nature… or, if you’re feeling particularly whimsical, taxi drivers, balloons, breakfast cereals, or boxing gloves (not boxing, not boxers, but boxing gloves specifically). Part-Time Gods opens the door for modern high-fantasy adventure where a pantheon of gods does battle with otherworldly forces to defend the mortal realm while trying to keep their mortal lives from falling apart.

Part-Time Gods Second Edition (PTG2E) is the latest iteration of a tabletop roleplaying game about the balancing act between influential gods and the people, groups, and places in their lives that keep them tied to their humanity.

Part-Time Gods Second Edition Kickstarter is Live!

While Part-Time Gods is an RPG that has been around for some time, the game is now going into its second edition which means that everything is getting an update and an overhaul, giving new players the perfect opportunity to jump in on the game. I got the chance to talk to Eloy Lasanta, the lead developer for Part-Time Gods, to talk about the game, it’s philosophy, and what new stuff second edition was going to bring to the table.

[NERDITOR’S NOTE: The Kickstarter for Part-Time Gods second edition went live on May 8, 2018, funding in seven hours. The Kickstarter campaign runs until June 10, so there’s plenty of time left to pledge and unlock all those stretch goals!]

Part-Time Gods Third Eye Games
A testimonial from the Part-Time Gods Second Edition Kickstarter Page.

Drawing loose inspiration from media like American Gods and the Percy Jackson series, Part-Time Gods was designed to be flexible enough for a wide range of concepts. As described in the first paragraph, your character can be something as narratively common as the god of death but they can also be something as strange as the god of taxi drivers or, if you’re feeling extra extra, they could be the god of Taxi Driver, the Robert DeNiro movie. I don’t have a mechanical breakdown for that, but I’m pretty sure you could make it work.

A unique element of Part-Time Gods is the importance of balancing the character’s mortal lives with their godly duties. Unlike most mythologies, the players in Part-Time Gods are “normal people who just happen to be gods” and many of them were mortal until they were transformed by a divine spark. This means that they will have mortal bonds, best friends, spouses, pets and maybe even children, and these bonds will invade the game from time to time making the player’s mortal lives impossible to ignore forever.  

Mechanically, Part-Time Gods second edition will be using a d10 dice pool system and allows the players a lot of leeway to keep things rules light and focus on the narrative or to layer the various system on top of each other to create a more complex game. There are plenty of moving parts, but they’re all designed to reinforce the game’s flavor rather than be a barrier to the player’s fun. The divine powers are even designed to be powerful not just in a magnitude sense but also in terms of narrative control. For example, the god of swords might have a power that reads “the god of swords can always find a blade to wield” and that statement is just… true. In the city, any store you’re looking for will have some form of combat-ready bladed weapon for sale but if you’re in the woods, with no weapons available, you might find a conveniently shaped and sharpened length of stone. It may not look like a traditional sword, but it would work.

I’ve had the chance to look over the original edition of the game as well as the quick start rules for second edition and the game looks like it will provide a unique experience that cannot quite be found in other RPGs on the market. Everything looks like it was made with care to be an excellent game with a very fun narrative focus.

I highly recommend you check out Part-Time Gods website and look at it and some of the other projects of Third Eye Games at their official website here. You can also support the project on Kickstarter here! I, for one, am super excited about this project and cannot wait to see it’s official release.

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