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D&D Worldbuilding — Kobolds on the Path of the Dragon

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D&D world building is all about making the game your own. It’s your chance as the Dungeon Master to lay brush to the canvas of the world and paint your own Mona Lisa. In this case Nate the Nerdarch came up with this idea, the Path of the Dragon. The concept is kobolds are hatched in clutches of eggs. But not all from kobold eggs, some emerge from dragon eggs. Sure, kobolds are still popping out of eggs laid by kobolds as well. Dragons in our world were banished by the gods and locked away in pocket dimensions to keep them out of trouble. A sect of dragons banded together an enacted a ritual to avoid the banishment.

D&D worldbuilding

The dragon ritual succeeded

They were able to close off their vale from the outside world, but there was one problem — they stopped being able to breed true. Their clutch yields were greatly increased. Not only were there more dragon eggs, but they all hatch multiple wyrmlings. Not dragon wyrmlings though. Each egg yielded a half dozen kobold wyrmlings. Those that didn’t produce kobolds birthed three dragonborn.

The dragons of the vale feared they would just die out. Then a miracle happened. Several of the kobolds ascended into dragonhood. Not all kobolds can ascend. Never has a dragonborn ascended. Only kobolds that come from the dragon clutches even have a chance of ascending and only a few every hundred or more years ever become dragons.


The kobold will ascend into a true dragon wyrmling complete with a lifetime of kobold life experience. This vale where these dragonkin all dwell is ruled by dragon emperors and empresses. Even fewer of the ascended dragon wyrmlings will become dragon royalty.

D&D worldbuilding dragon
Maybe there’s a kobold inside one of these. But only the Mother of Dragons knows for sure.

These royal dragons are touched by divinity.

Kobolds breed true as do the dragonborn. These kobolds can and only ever will be kobolds. Only the dragons themselves know the plight of dragon infertility or whatever you want to call it. It’s a secret the dragon royalty would go to extreme measures to guard.

Not even these dragon emperors and empresses know exactly what sets apart the dragon-destined kobolds from the others. Like salmon spawning, these special kobolds make their way to the dragon hatcheries when they feel the call.

The dragonfolk of the vale have their own caste system built around the dragons ruling. The dragonborn act as the ruling classes’ soldiers and military. The kobolds are the common folks, with both dragonborn and kobolds free to pursue other roles in society. It’s just that each form of dragonfolk have their natural roles in society they willingly take to.

There are three great cities in the vale, each ruled by a dragon emperor or empress. There used to be four great cities. The fourth city now lies dead and abandoned.

The dragonfolk are more spiritual than religious. They follow the five elements — metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

Want more D&D worldbuilding? Then hit me up in the comments.

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