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D&D Character Builds

D&D Character Builds Gets Creepy with the Lizard Wizard

We do several different types of D&D character builds here at Nerdarchy. There is a series we call D&Dize. In those videos we take fictional characters from movies, TV shows, novels, video games, and comic books and stat them up using fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. Then there is just our normal or regular D&D Character Builds. These builds are based off of standard tropes in D&D. Each of these 5E D&D character builds are optimized to really good at a specific part of the game and fit into typical D&D tropes.lizardfolk

Finally there is one last category or playlist from the Nerdarcny YouTube Channel — Unorthodox D&D Character Builds. We love doing what we refer to as unorthodox character builds. With this type of character build our goal is use unusual race and character class combinations. Often these aren’t very optimized. But hey, that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun to play.

D&D character builds — playlists and links

Dungeons & Dragons Character Builds

D&Dized Fictional Characters

Unorthodox 5E D&D Character Builds

In this specific character build we revisit a build we did a while back. This isn’t our first lizard wizard character build, but the second one. We did a video using a dragonborn combined with the wizard character class from the Player’s Handbook. Below is the original lizard wizard video.

Killer Combos The Lizard Wizard Also Known as the Dragonborn Wizard | Unorthodox Character Build

With the release of Volo’s Guide to Monsters we got access to the lizardfolk race. It is actually one of two reptilian player character races we got from that book. Volo’s also gave us the kobold. Now we can put together an adventuring party with a dragonborn, kobold, and lizardfolk. I kind of want to play an all reptilian adventuring party. [NERDITOR’S NOTE: And the yuan-ti pureblood! And if you stretch the boundaries a bit, tortles would fit in there. Grung too, which several of us have given our take on. Also, I hope Nerdarchist Dave’s reptilian campaign idea comes about and I can play in it!]

Nerdarchist Ted and I delve into a bit more of a creepy version of the lizard wizard. We even considered making up a new background, but ultimately decided against it. The thought was to maybe do a witch doctor alternate background for hermit or outlander. We discuss wizard traditions like conjuration and necromancy. Diviner would of also have worked really well. Another fun way to go could be warlock. But you can see what we came up with the video below.

Lizard Wizard: Combining Lizardfolk with Arcane Spell Casters – 5E D&D Character Builders

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