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Pathfinder Paizo PaizoCon

Paizo delivers with all new adventures, cards, pawns and maps

With PaizoCon just ending it seem there is no rest for the wicked. Paizo is going strong towards the end of spring with 8 new releases. We have pawns and a new flip map for our universe-exploring Starfinder friends and more pawns, adventure, cards and flipmats for our Pathfinders still delving the jungles. These are all already out in stores so if you haven’t gotten any of these treasures feel free to drop in on the links below to pick them up. For those still trying to catch up on the events at PaizoCon, follow the giggling goblin over to the Paizo Twitch.tv channel for all the live streams. For those of you scrambling for more Pathfinder Second Edition info you can check out the Paizo Blog, which has new content every Monday and Friday.

Paizo Friday Night Twitch with Jason Bulmahn and Dan Tharp

As of March 30, 2018, Paizo officially launched a new show on their Twitch channel. While the title of the show is still being tossed around it is hosted by Paizo’s Director of Game Design Jason Bulmahn and Marketing Manager Dan Tharp. They’ve worked time into a schedule that I wouldn’t even dream of trying to handle, to sit down once a week to bring us some updates and have a bit of a Q&A with the fans. Paizo’s Pathfinder and Starfinder news and entertainment live streams on Fridays at 7 p.m. eastern on Twitch.

Starfinder Paizo

New from Paizo: StarFinder Pact Worlds!

It’s out of this world!

With Starfinder gaining as much popularity as their fantasy brother Pathfinder, Paizo has broadened your horizons. Released March 28, Paizo brings Pact Worlds to the vast reaches of outer space. This gazetteer will bring you 14 new realms, new alien species, new star ships to explore vast expanses as well as critters you may have wished you left in the airlock. Don’t worry, that’s not all. There’s new archetypes, NPCs for the Game Master, weapons, armor, techno-baubles, monsters and some interstellar cover art from Remko Troost. It’s on sale now in the Paizo store for $9.99 for the PDF. You can also get a copy on Amazon. Time to reach for the stars folks, there just became a whole lot more of them.

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