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D&D Character Sheets

Armor Up Your 5E D&D Character Sheets With Gauntlets

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Our friends over at ArchVillain Games have asked us to sponsor an article to help get the word out about their KickStarter for Gauntlets — Beautiful 5E Character Sheet Cases. I’m not sure how much help they needed though. After only 16 hours Archvillain Games has successfully funded their first KickStarter. Cameron Rout and Konstantinos Martinos are the minds behind Archvillain Games. I know some might be put off by this being a first KickStarter, but Cameron is one the minds behind D&D in a Castle with several more castles planned for next year. He’s got my vote of confidence after witnessing the inaugural D&D in Castle firsthand. Gauntlets are designed to have 5E D&D character sheets inserted in them or they can act as template for your character sheet by just using a blank sheet of paper. They come different options and designs. I don’t think it would be an overstatement to call the Gauntlet an artisanal way of displaying your character sheet either on the gaming table, a book shelf, or anywhere else you keep your gaming gear.


Armor up your D&D character sheets with Gauntlets

Each Gauntlaet is designed with the four iconic classes of 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons in mind — cleric, fighter, rogue, and wizard. For your spellcasting characters just flip over the Gauntlet to reveal your spells. The idea behind this product is to take your character sheet and make it more immersive into the game. We have minis and other doodads at the table to help us enjoy tabletop roleplaying games and make us feel more immersed in the game. Why not do the same thing for the thing Dungeons & Dragons revolves around, the characters in the game and the sheet you find them on?


The hard choice for my craft-minded friends out there will be do you go with a painted or unpainted model? Even Nerdarchist Ted said “For the extra bit of money it’s worth getting them painted. The paint jobs are so amazing.”

But for the do-it-yourselfers there is an unpainted option. In fact one of the add-ons is a paint kit customized for each of the different Archvillain Games Gauntlets. Each paint kit comes with all the colors you need in a bundle from Army Painter paints. Other add-ons include token cards, token card packs and a neoprene case.

I’ve personally seen the gauntlets and they look just as good in person as they do in the pictures..

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