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Nerd Travel — D&D in a Castle

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I got some nerd travel in this summer for the ultimate D&D vacation. Nerdarchy got invited to Chateau Challain in France as guest player at D&D in a Castle. Four days of gaming at an exotic location. Two sessions of D&D a day.D&D in a Castle


There were great guests at Castle in a Castle

  • Jeremy Crawford of the D&D team and Wizards of the Coast
  • We had Satine Phoenix and Ruty Rutenberg in the house, or I should say castle, of Maze Arcana renown
  • My fellow New Jerseyan James Introcaso, who writes for WotC and D&D beyond
  • Elisa Teague — Game designer for tabletop and roleplaying games
  • Zoltar — Sage Advice EU website
  • GM TIm GaymerX — Loose Endz D&D Podcast

“There is no doubt that it is THE dream of every role player being able to play an adventure in a castle, yet no one had ever made it happen in the span of 40 years of Dungeons & Dragons. Not until Tara and Cameron put their heart and soul in that dream, and made it come true, a dream called D&D in a Castle.” — Zoltar

nerd travel

“From rampart to garden, dungeon to library, there wasn’t a single inch of this experience that didn’t beg to be traversed in adventure. While D&D is usually a rewarding experience with swashbuckling moments of daring that can be accented by lighting, music, and the like, the team that put together D&D in a Castle believed there would be a distinct difference in how grand those epic moments could be if they really set the scene. There’s no way around it, they were right! DDIAC was likely the most engaging storytelling experience I’ve ever been fortunate enough to take part, and the people I met there have become friends I’ll cherish forever. I believe this event will become a yearly pilgrimage for me. It was nothing short of life changing.” — Ruty Rutenberg

The great news is there will be another chance for a D&D vacation with double the Nerdarchy. Both Nerdarchists Ted and Dave will be attending as evening Dungeon Masters. Next year our nerd travel will take us to Langley Castle, England.

You can grab more info about D&D in a Castle here.

It was awesome dream come true experience where I got to run a great group of players through a story, hear about other games from player storytelling over dinner, and Co-GM an impromptu midnight game for 16 players. It was incredible. — GM Tim

Playing D&D in a Castle a Real Life Adventure

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