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Salutations, nerds! They’re having a fancy party in Fairy and you the patrons have been cordially invited. Today I want to talk about the December Patreon content going out on the Dec. 5. Surprise! It’s a Christmas Party in the Winter Courts. Within you will find some cool party favors like masks of glamour to wear to the festive party and a dueling cane, a few fierce pixies and constructs, some fun denizens of the Winter Court and 7 new Winter Spells, as well as a map and small adventure at this Winter Court Soiree.

winter court fey holiday adventure

Fey for the holidays

winter court feyLet’s be honest, it’s fun to change the pace a little bit, dress up in fancy clothes and go to a party. It’s especially fun to go to that party when you’ve been instructed to steal something or poison somebody. And what goes better with political pitfalls than the fair folk?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to go and party with the fey. Of course, you’ve been given a secret agenda no one must know about until it’s been carried out. Standard fey caution applies; give no one your name, don’t eat or drink anything and never say thank you. These things are all known to anyone who goes to the Feywild, of course.

In this particular instance, remember the fey are easily offended and take care not to step on anyone’s toes, literally or metaphorically. One does not simply extract themselves from a boring conversation without risking the ire of something very old and powerful, you know. And of course, mind the Greenhouse. Everything in there is toxic and might actively try to kill you. The toxicity and murder attempts by the plants may or may not be related.

Even if you’re not a Dungeon Master, there are some nifty bits of sorcery to be found within for any cold-based caster who wants to stay on brand and doesn’t want to just cast cone of cold over and over again. From the very most basic cantrips to a banger of a big one that turns the area a mile out from you into a winter nightmare, there’s likely to be something well worth your while contained within these pages.

Seriously, check it out, and I hope you all have as much fun playing it as I did writing it!

Getting your invitation to the Winter Court Soiree

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Stay nerdy!

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