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Hello adventurer, Nerdarchist Ted here and we got us a crate to look at again. This time we are rockin’ out with RPG Crate. RPG crate is a Game Master’s dream with all the great stuff delivered in your subscription box each month. There’s so much prepared content you can either use as-is or take apart to use the pieces as you see fit.

RPG Crate subscription unboxing

April 2018 RPG Crate unboxing

You can sign up for a subscription at the RPG Crate website and do not forget to use the promo code nerdarchyrpgcrate to get 10 percent off your first month’s subscription. You can also go to the shop and purchase past crates. New crates were just added as I am writing this and since there are some I am missing I’m seriously considering picking a couple of them up.

This month fro RPG Crate is Giant Slayer

April showers bring . . . GIANTS! Welcome to month 9 of our second season, Adventures on the Open Road. The Fey, born of the gods and wielders of great magic, summoned a creature woven of magic. Unfortunately, it’s hunger for power twisted it. Can the adventurers wade through giants to put an end to its corruption?

Check out the image gallery below for pics of the April 2018 subscription unboxing

Exclusive T-shirt. That’s right, it seems every month RPG Crate offers up great shirts. Not only do they offer great quality but great artwork each month. This one depicts a giant of a giant getting ready to put the smack down on a wizard in a tower. I love that it says roll for initiative on the bottom. You have the typical long haired wizard in the typical hat being confronted by this frothing-at-the-mouth giant. I wonder who is going to have the worse day.

Initiative Trackers. These handy dandy little cards are designed to hang on your GM screen and are dry erase compatible. These were apparently so popular they were brought back. Appearing in a previous crate they were a big hit and users who did not have a chance to get them can now pick up the April crate and grab your own set. Each crate comes with 10 of these trackers. That’s enough for 2 full sets for the average 5 person party. One side hangs where the party can see the order, with name and initiative score. The other side gives the GM more info including stats, HP, AC, and passive perception as well. These can be very handy if you like using cool tools to keep this info at hand.

Premier Metal Miniatures. EffinCool Miniatures is back again. Sturdy metal minis really get a thump on the table when you drop them on your battle mat. Now you can drop a very detailed stone giant on your players. I like the detail in the bone chest piece he is wearing and sigils on the loin cloth he is wearing. As I am trying to become a better painter, getting new minis each month can help me out. If you get one make sure you tag EffinCool minis and RPG Crate when you share you artwork on social media, and Nerdarchy as well so we can see your excellent work too.

Adventurers on the Open Road. Each month RPG Crate delivers an adventure you can drop on your players. These pages are jam packed with information. Each of the three double-sided pages comes with artwork, maps and or new monsters. Each of these heavy card stock pages is very much worth it. So much so I have a binder with page sheets so that I can keep each month’s worth of material saved to use when I need it. The April 2018 crate comes with a cool adventure that looks like elves summoned something and lost control over it. The adventure is designed for four 10th-level adventurers and looks like a real challenge. What you might not know, yours truly runs this material in a shortened version once a month over on the Nerdarchy YouTube channel. It is a lot of fun and the usual cast of players bring a lot to the table as well. It is typically the fourth Friday of the month, though sometimes changes to the schedule need to be made. Make sure you go check it out.

Recipes for Adventure. These are handy little cards designed as one-two encounter material and are quite humorous. Besides the fantastical element to it they are full-fledged recipes. If you take the fantasy element out and add in your own real world ingredients you could really make these. On the other side is the fight with the monster to get said fantasy ingredient. I have these stock piled in my binder as well. What do you guys think? Should RPG Crate make a book and release all of these together at some point?

Giant Onslaught. This is a 2 -n-1 adventure. You get Emeralds of Highfang, written by none other than the father of Forgotten Realms Ed Greenwood. WHOA! How cool is that. But if that was still not enough you get the Dead from Above written by Micheal Curtis. All told this is a 40-page soft cover book stamped by the god of frogs: Frog God Games as well as RPG Crate. [NERDITOR’S NOTE: Over at Frog God Games you can use our exclusive coupon code available twice per user STAY-NERDY-30 for a 30 percent discount on anything in the store.] The first adventure is designed for characters of high level as they will need it to survive the onslaught of giants. Dead from Above specifically calls out that this is designed for 4-6 adventurers of 6-8th level and should take about 2 sessions to complete. That is quite a bit of content. This book also comes with 3 new magic items and 5 new stat blocks of monsters to drop on your players.

If you are a gamer who likes prepared material to run and get new stuff on a regular basis, I would highly recommend you stop by RPG Crate and sign up for a subscription. If my math is correct you have at least 5 sessions worth of material packaged right up for you. So many encounters, so many new monsters…so what are you waiting for? I know you need that promo code again to get it cheaper. Use nerdarchyrpgcrate to get your first month’s subscription for 10 percent off. Go check them out and tell them Nerdarchy sent you.

Until next time, my friend, stay nerdy!

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