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RPG Crate Unboxing – March 2018

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Hello adventurers!  Our crate unboxing segments are moving from our video series to a new home here on the website as we shuffle things around to best provide all the things we want to offer between here and the Nerdarchy YouTube channel. This time we are going to do an unboxing of RPG Crate.

March 2018 RPG Crate unboxing

From the insert

The theme for March is War and Conquest! Welcome to month eight of our second season, Adventurers on the Open Road. Tog, a famous cook from The Bloody Bucket learns he has a brother, and with the news also comes rumors of war near Lowcliff.  The adventurers have theor work cut out for them as they try to stop a war that threatens to destroy all of the Tree Rivers Region.

Check out the gallery below for some images of the cool stuff included in the March 2018 RPG Crate

RPG Crate unboxing

After the insert, which tells you what is in your crate, usually is an awesome T-shirt. And the March 2018 RPG Crate does not disappoint. This one states on the insert: “pay tribute to the one-eyed god, or suffer Flamehammer’s wrath . . .”  This exclusive shirt has an awesome orc, frothing at the mouth in rage and wielding flaming warhammers.

I honestly have no idea how RPG Crate does these great shirts every month. Maybe he has a warlock pact with a T-shirt company. However he does it, it is to our gain as subscribers. Great art that you can wear proudly everywhere you are willing to let your nerd show.

The next item in the box is a Game Master’s screen with an orc encampment ready to go. The artwork that would show towards the player is just awesome, displaying a great battle scene that is just too much to describe it all.

That artwork from the T-shirt is central to the main panel. You get three maps, random encounter tables, random treasure and three awesome magic items. If you are like me and want to GM on the fly this is a great piece to pull out when your players want to hunt some orcs or goblins.

Did I tell you before that I like minis? I probably did. In this RPG Crate you get an Orc Warrior with Runed Axe, from Effincool Miniatures. This is a premier metal mini attached to its own metal base and could be a good representation of an orc or half-orc barbarian.  Maybe you want to paint this guy up really nice and have him for a big bad for a session. Maybe he gets away and you use him again later, stronger and more powerful than before.

“The redblood clan will destroy all that oppose it – no mercy, no quarter!”

Recipe for Adventure

These are handy little cards with one side an already-made encounter and the other a joke recipe for a fantasy food. This one is Goblin Fingers. The cool part here is the adventure helps you get the harder ingredients so you can make the thing and the recipe lets you make actual food in real life.

You can always substitute out the fantasy item. In this case you can use pretzels instead of Goblin fingers. Either way you look at it these handy dandy cards are ready to insert into your game and useful to have as a GM resource.

Keep collecting!

Adventurers on the Open Road

Every month RPG Crate gives out a three part adventure path with great material. Yours truly runs this as a condensed adventure over on YouTube typically the fourth Friday of every month, with a select cast of great roleplayers. When you look at what you get out of these cards it is pretty darn amazing.

Each card typically comes with art on one side and a map on the other. If you attempted to run this adventure and incorporate all of it I would say it probably is a sold 6-8 hours of adventure depending on how much your group roleplays with NPCs and each other. I really like these adventures. They are fun and entertaining to run and typically come with unique monsters each month. Well worth it to have these as even more fleshed out adventures in your GM toolbox. Each month it tells you the recommended number of players and suggested levels.

Lastly, and usually the best is last, this time we get goblins and gnolls. RPG Crate looks like they have a standing relationship with Frog God/Necromancer Games as each month you get one of their great products, in soft cover or sometimes in hardcover. This one is a 36-page soft cover book.

This book contains an entire adventure called Death in the Painted Canyons. Maps and interior artwork are all black and white but still offer a great presentation. I am not going to spoil the adventure here, so you want to know more you will have to get your own book either from RPG Crate or from Frog God Games themselves. Nerdarchy has an exclusive promo code for the Frog God Games store, available twice per user. STAY-NERDY-30 gives you a 30 percent discount on anything in the store.

When you sign up for RPG Crate over at rpgcrate.com you can even get past crates and great stuff in their store. Make sure you use NerdarchyRPGCrate during check out to get 10 percent off your first month’s subscription.

Thanks for reading and checking this out.

Until next time, stay nerdy!

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