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5E D&D magic item croak cloak

Play Your Next 5E D&D Game as a Frog Champion with this New Magic Item

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A new magic item for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons emerges from the Mage Forge! Nerdarchist Ted and our artist retainer Nelson Vieira hopped to it and came up with the Croak Cloak for October. Nelson crushed it illustrating this fun and froggy 5E D&D magic item. An creature decked out in this along with the collection of frog themed items in Muckwuggle, The Frog God sounds like a ton of fun to play or encounter as a champion of all frogkind.

All things frog for 5E D&D

During a recent weekly meeting we took stock of all the froggy things we’ve jumped into over the years and there’s quite a bit, so much so we chose this for an upcoming Monday live chat topic!

Over on Patreon you’ll find this month’s new Croak Cloak card with a revised design. We’re still experimenting with the look and layout of these cards and frankly we’re still learning too. What do you think of this new look? The cards now have a back too, so you can print and play with them and ooh and ahh over how cool the look on both sides.

You can learn more about our 5E D&D magic item cards and how to get them each month plus snag the revised Glaive of Wizardry to add to your collection for free here. And if you just cannot get enough frog related content for your 5E D&D games here’s some of the stuff we’ve come up with over the years. I don’t know about you but a champion of all frogkind is definitely on my bucket list of characters to play at some point.

5E D&D frog demon

Muckwuggle and the Frog God pantheon spawned from inspiration taken from amphibians and unleashes the dread cult of the Frog Gods upon the world.

  • Muckwuggle, The Frog God. You can find this at Nerdarchy the Store here. And if you’re not already signed up for the newsletter, when you do so you’ll get a coupon for $9.99 so you can add all the froggy goodness easy peasy. Of course, you’re an awesome Patreon supporter so even if you’re new to the community since Muckwuggle was a monthly reward all you gotta do is give your scrolling finger a major workout and you can find it posted right here somewhere.
  • Croak Hollow. Go old school with this classic Nerdarchy adventure written and designed by Nerdarchist Ryan! The once cheery rustic village of Stilt has fallen into a pall of gloom and only a brave band of adventurers can try to set things right, though they might find not all horrors can be undone. Adventurers confront a horrible plague and do battle against the Cult of Byatis risking their own corruption. Created long before we revamped our rewards this one’s only available at Nerdarchy the Store here.
  • Two New 5E D&D Feats for Grung. We love grung! And we like creating new Fifth Edition content you can drop right into your games like making sure all the playable races get their share of two racial feats. Mesmerizing Chirr and Higher Caste make sure your grung adventurer is as grung as can be. These are both over at Nerdarchy the Website for all the world to see here.
  • Happy Father’s Day from the Tribe of Polywugs for 5E D&D. Nerdarchist Ted celebrated Father’s Day this year by creating a new froggy playable race with his daughter (she loves frogs). The two of them came up with a fun 5E D&D character option together inspired by the campaign he runs for her and some other kids. Check it out here.
  • Beware the Werefrogs of Muckwuggle, the Frog God for 5E D&D. These unusual lycanthropes created by the frog lords appear in Muckwuggle, The Frog God. We shared a preview of the bactracian creatures over on the website here.
  • Customized Miniatures. Our longtime sponsor Hero Forge gives you the tools to custom craft your own frog hero miniature. And with Hero Forge 2.0 available for everyone now you can get your awesome frog adventurer 3D printed in full color! We want to see your most amazing frog heroes so head over there and play around with the incredible tools to come up with something awesome then come back here and show off your creation. If you haven’t played around with Hero Forge 2.0 check it out here.

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Doug Vehovec

Nerditor-in-Chief Doug Vehovec is a proud native of Cleveland, Ohio, with D&D in his blood since the early 80s. Fast forward to today and he’s still rolling those polyhedral dice. When he’s not DMing, worldbuilding or working on endeavors for Nerdarchy he enjoys cryptozoology trips and eating awesome food.

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