Multi-Class Character Builds in Dungeons & Dragons 5e Wrap up with the Wizard!

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WizardHello fellow Nerdarchests, Art here. I’m back with the next installment of my series Multi-Class Character Builds in Dungeons & Dragons 5e. If you missed my previous article on the Ranger just click HERE.

Today marks my final installment of the multi-classing in Dungeons & Dragons 5e series. So let’s get started with the Wizard…

Let me take a few lines here to talk about the most divers casting class in the game in my opinion… The Wizard. I think the way the Wizard schools give additional abilities as they level is what makes the class so complex yet simple. With the multitude of spell casting schools to choose from the Wizard gains quite a few options as to how you can play them based on their school of magic. I feel that multi-classing with the wizard opens up an even greater realm of possibilities for characters to delve into both for role-play and for combat purposes. With that, let’s get started…

The first build you might recognize as a build from the Nerdarchy videos about Unorthodox Races and Classes on the YouTube channel (found HERE) which is the Wizard with the school of Abjuration of sixteen levels and the Barbarian with the Totem Warrior Pact of four levels. This is an excellent example dark_wizard_revis_by_capprottiof a way to make a warrior shaman who is not only a support type caster but can stand in the thick of combat as well. The school of Abjuration gives the Wizard the Arcane Ward ability granting them a shield that is able to absorb damage, thus allowing them to take a few hits in combat without fear of severe injury. The shield being refreshed by casting Abjuration spells (aka Buff Spells) can make them even more defensive.

The levels in Barbarian allow the character to gain a few extra hit points with their d12 hit-dice as well as the rage ability to deal a little extra damage in melee combat. While granted the rage prevents the character from casting spells this is usually the last feature to rely on being it can only be used a few times per day but with the Totem Warrior abilities they also can add some additional bonuses to the party in combat or just half the damage they take making their Arcane Ward even more effective.

The next build I want to address is indubitably my favorite, although you may have to do a little DM sweet talk to allow it due to the second half of the build. This is the Wizard Necromancer of twelve levels combined with the Cleric of the Death Domain of eight levels. This multi-class build has so much synergy and power it becomes quite a powerhouse at high level. This build allows the wizard to wear medium armor thus eliminating the need for the spell Mage Armor.

As well as it give the Wizard the proficiencies with martial weapons so the character can fight alongside his or her  companions. At low level the ability to hit multiple targets with a single Chill Touch as well as heal themselves if the damage is fatal makes the character quite survivable and because they have cleric spells to boot they can also be a healer  making them a much needed party member. The Wizard’s ability to animate double the corpses allows a party to have a few extra meat shields in the group as well provided the party doesn’t mind the defiling of the bodies of one’s enemies. This build is by far my favorite above all in Dungeons & Dragons 5e..!

The last build I want to highlight is going to be a bit of a chuckle…ha-ha! This character will either be the greatest spy in the game or the biggest nuisance ever. The combination of a Wizard of the Enchantment school and the recently released Bard College of Satire from the Unearthed Arcana series  (found HERE). I realize that at the start I wasn’t going to include things from the Unearthed Arcana but this one was too good to pass up. First, the Enchantment school of wizardry allows you to “Enthrall” a target with Hypnotic Gaze and when combined with the Satire Bard’s ability “Fool’s Insight” one can just imagine the possibilities for role-playing chaos and all it’s glory <evil laugh>. But seriously, this even in combat can remove enemy combatants from the fight and even sway them to your own side with a simple Charm spell. Also, having a Wizard who doubles as a Rogue and can pick locks or remove traps is a great added bonus! I would love to see this one played out. With the spell slots from both classes you can also cast heal spells making this character a “Jack of All Trades” as well as a Jest Jack in the Box per-say..! All in all I think this would be a super fun character to play with a good role-playing group!

wizard_by_gerezon-d5d1i0hFor a brief moment I’d like to talk about multi-classing in general. I think with the Bounded Accuracy in the new 5e system that creating unique characters with class and race combinations as a whole can be quite challenging to a beginning role-player. However, to old and experienced players like myself and the Nerdarchy crew, it just takes a little imaginative insight. You don’t have to stick to like attributes, but in straying from them it can be both a hindrance and a boon if played and correctly. With the Feat and Attribute Increase system they have currently, we can create characters and mold them to be pretty much anything. Which is why I love the system so much, however I DO agree some small changes need to take place. such as fixing the Ranger’s Beast Master archetype and a few other small tweaks that we at home can just “House Rule” anyway.

Well its finally done! I’d like to thank Ted, Dave, Ryan and Nate for allowing me the privilege  and honor to do this series, and hopefully add some more flavor to the character creation in Dungeons & Dragons 5e.

So until next time, I hope all you Nerds enjoyed my little series about multi classing in Dungeons & Dragons 5e and hope all of you… STAY NERDY..!

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