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Marvelous Phile: FEATS and the Universal Table Color Chart

Hey, guys, Professor Bill of Comic Book University (where tuition is always free) and I’m bringing you the sixth article of the Marvelous Phile, an homage to the excerpt in Dragon Magazine back in the ’80s.

Game mechanic – intensity FEATS on the Universal Table

MARVEL RPGFEATS are what you’re rolling for anytime you pick up your percentile dice for Marvel Super Heroes Roleplaying Game. There are several games currently in existence that allow for a more narrative play than merely hit or miss. In fact, games like FFG Star Wars makes use of the narrative dice.

This is all well and good and, in many regards, expected in today’s more sophisticated gaming world. MSHRPG got that right way back in 1984. All hail Jeff Grubb.

Let’s pull out our Universal Tables and look at all those pretty colors. Based on our lesson last week, when the Judge tells you to determine your power rank, you will then roll your percentile dice and consult the left of the chart and then cross-reference with your power rank. What color did you get?

Here’s where you may use that top chart. Search for the particular FEAT you’re trying to make. Are you firing your optic blasts? Are you throwing a mailbox? Swinging a lamp post? Wrestling with the Hulk?

After you’ve determined the color of your FEAT roll, consult the top of the chart and see which of the maneuvers best fits your intended action, match the color you rolled, there’s your result.

Marvel RPG
Marvel Comics Iron Fist. [Art by Robert Atkins]

Example 1:

Iron Fist is chasing the last Hand ninja down an alley. The ninja turns to throw a shuriken at Iron Fist. The ninja rolls a 14… a clear miss (he got in the white). Iron Fist is able to catch up to the ninja and wants to kick him. The Judge calls for a Fighting FEAT, to which Iron Fist rolls a 36, a green result. Consulting the Blunt Attacks column on the top of the Universal Table, we see that a green result is simply a hit.  Iron Fist delivers a textbook kick to the ninja, who dutifully takes the appropriate damage.

Example 2:

While Iron Fist is focused on this final ninja, he doesn’t notice the Taskmaster hiding on the fire escape. Taskmaster readies his rifle to snipe Iron Fist and, looking through the tunnel-vision of his scope, doesn’t notice Hawkeye firing an arrow at him. The Judge calls for a FEAT from Hawkeye who rolls a 74, A yellow result. Deciding that the Shooting maneuver best fits his desired outcome. On the Shooting table, we see that a yellow offers the Bullseye result. Hawkeye chooses to specifically hit Taskmasters hand, hopefully causing him to drop the rifle.

Make sure you check out my accompanying video on this subject for more details.


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Be sure to check out Comic Book University for a Behind the Judges Screen video on this subject. Thanks for reading and keep your dice-hand strong!

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Join us for good karma

The Universal Table determines the outcome of all the action in the Marvel Super Heroes RPG

Marvel Super Heroes Roleplaying Game streams live on Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on the Nerdarchy YouTube channel. Viewers in the live chat are encouraged to get their percentile dice and join in as Professor Bill leads Season Two players Nerdarchist Dave, Travis Boles from WebDM, writer and YouTuber Davae Breon Jaxon, Nerdarchy Nerditor-in-chief Doug and staff writer Megan R. Miller through a street-level campaign featuring original superhero characters.

You can learn more about how karma is gained and used by viewers in the live stream chat here. Live chat participants can use karma to affect the results of dice rolls using the same mechanic as the players. Before rolling the dice, a player can spend karma to add to the result on a 1:1 ratio. After a dice roll, karma can be added to the result on a 2:1 ratio, with a minimum of 10 karma spent. For example, if Ash is about to make a roll to use his Fire Manipulation power, Megan can choose spend five karma to add an equal amount to the dice result. If Megan decides to roll without using karma, and rolls a 60 (a green result), she could spend 22 karma to add 11 to the result, bringing to total to 71 (a yellow result).

Marvel Super Heroes Roleplaying Game Season Two is produced by War Eagle Keep, creating overlays, running sound and a million other things that make to make this live game awesome in the Mighty Marvel Manner! Check out War Eagle Keep on Instagram @war.eagle.keep


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