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So, we’re doing Nerdarchy the Convention. That’s a thing, that’s happening. Nerdarchy the Convention rolls into the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center for Halloween weekend 2020 and we are beyond excited for this inaugural event. We’re celebrating our core philosophy of for nerds, by nerds with everything we love about the culture and community surrounding tabletop roleplaying games at one of the largest suburban exposition centers on the East Coast of the United States.


Welcome to Nerdarchy the Convention!

Gaming takes front and center stage for three days, Oct. 30-Nov. 1, 2020. The Queen of D&D Satine Phoenix, Critical Role cosplayer Ginny Di and How to be a Great Game Master’s Guy Sclanders are your Ambassadors of the Gaming to commemorate the festivities. Joining them are a cohort of the best tabletop RPG YouTubers around bringing their love of the hobby to share with you through panels, workshops and of course lots of games!

Badges are available at a special presale price right now, and the number is limited so if you’re thinking about going now is the best time to register. Presale badges also get early access for VIP and Ultimate VIP badges. You can secure your badge at the presale price here. There’s a step-by-step guide down below as well.

Here’s a rundown of who’s on the guest list so far.

  • Black Magic Craft
  • Dungeon Dudes
  • XP to Level 3
  • Runesmith
  • How to be a Great Game Master
  • WASD20
  • Web DM
  • Ginny Di
  • Don’t Stop Thinking
  • Davvy Chappy
  • Jorphdan
  • DM’s Lair
  • The DM’s Craft
  • Wylock’s Armory
  • Esper the Bard
  • Crafting Muse
  • RealmSmith
  • Satine Phoenix
  • Unmade Gaming
  • Don’t Split the Podcast
  • Legends of Avantris
  • Devil’s Luck Gaming
  • Chad Rowe Tattoos
  • Sarah Dahlinger
  • Megan Hardy

One of the biggest things we make certain to offer is free gaming opportunities. You won’t find registration fees or additional costs to participate in games at Nerdarchy the Convention. We don’t want to create any barriers to your enjoyment, so whether you sign up in advance for any of our game programming or want to roll some funny-shaped dice for an impromptu game we are focused on making sure everyone gets a chance to play and engage with the events going on all three days.

As much as we love experiencing new games and making new friends around the game table at conventions, we know sometimes you just want to take a breather, so we planned movie screenings too. We will have nerdy and geeky movie screenings like Of Dice and Men, Eye of the Beholder: The Art of Dungeons and Dragons and Plastic Galaxy.

And we’ll have our own in-house nerdy tattooist Chad Rowe Tattoos! Chad’s artistry is phenomenal. He’s inked Satine Phoenix and the Nerdarchy crew themselves, and created tons of awesome tattoos for clients including incredibly detailed art of characters from fiction, mythology, Star Wars, music and even an incredible piece of Critical Role’s Matt Mercer.

Nerdarchy the Convention is family-friendly too, and we welcome nerds of all ages to come and celebrate gaming culture with us. We’ll have children’s programming organized by Megan Hardy, an expert in children’s gaming.

And since Nerdarchy the Convention takes place over Halloween weekend, we’re encouraging our guests to cosplay as their favorite characters or simply wear your best costumes for a costume contest. [NERDITOR’S NOTE: I’m campaigning hard for Nerdarchist Dave to cosplay Vultan from Flash Gordon. Lift your voices, nerds!]

Since the presale badges are limited, we strongly encourage you to check out the special pricing during this period. We’ve been dreaming about creating an event like this for years, and thanks to the wild success of our crowdfunding for Out of the Box: Encounters for 5th Edition we’re making it happen. Nerdarchy the Convention is something we aim to do every year, and we hope to see you at our very first one. A Halloween celebration weekend of gaming, costumes, art and nerdy culture is the perfect way to stay nerdy!

We can’t express how thankful we are to the crowdfunding supporters for Out of the Box who made it possible for us to create Nerdarchy the Convention in the first place. We also could not have done all this without the team behind the scenes. Tabletop Terrors and Splattered Ink were instrumental is helping manage the crowdfunding effort and keep the campaign page fresh and exciting. Sarah Dahlinger created the incredible cover illustration, and Kim Van Deun brings every encounter to vivid life with amazing art, while Darryl T. Jones creates evocative maps. And our guest creators add their own voices to the collection of encounters, with James Introcaso, Jacob Budz, CJ Leung, Lysa Penrose and Guy Sclanders crafting scenarios ready to drop right into your game. Lastly, a huge thank you to lead designer Mike Gould, a huge part of the Nerdarchy community whose work and dedication to the Game Master craft inspired the entire project.

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Nerdarchy the Convention

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