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Gen Con 50 celebrates gaming history with a milestone for North America’s largest tabletop game convention.

“How to Live Stream At Home: the Hands-on Approach with Maze Arcana & Blackmagic Design” gives gamers the tools and knowledge to become part of that rich history and share their own unique experiences with the vibrant, growing tabletop game community.

A seminar and two workshops are open for registration. The events from some of the most popular and professional live streaming tabletop gamers partnered with leaders in the professional studio equipment industry aim to empower others to reach out and connect with the greater community.

Participants have chances to win thousands of dollars in giveaways including video cameras, technical studio equipment and applications over the course of the events, too. Check the links ahead and at the bottom to preregister and make sure you have a spot in these events.

Learn to live stream like Maze Arcana

As Twitch influencers and Wizards of the Coast partners, Maze Arcana co-creators Satine Phoenix and Ruty Rutenberg have shared their passion for tabletop roleplaying games, Game Master and live streaming expertise to foster an ardent following. Now, they bring that enthusiasm and excitement to the Dungeons & Dragons Twitch channel twice weekly with Fury’s Reach where they lead two groups of D&D players through amazing adventures previewing the exciting upcoming Tomb of Annihilation storyline.

“Live streaming is a way for people to connect with the community. You can try your ideas, or other’s ideas out and see how people like it, maybe inspire others to try something the way you do it. We show you how to live stream to take the complication away so you can focus on creating an amazing story for both your players and the community to engage with.” – Satine Phoenix

Maze Arcana Gen Con live stream

Watch the live stream then learn how it’s done

Kick off your Gen Con experience with the D&D Dream Stream event on Thursday, Aug. 17 from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

This live play fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons game set in Eberron features Nerdarchist Dave, Dungeon Life’s Todd Kenreck and Dawnforgedcast’s Andrew Armstrong alongside Geek & Sundry’s “Sagas of Sundry: Dread” stars Satine Phoenix, Amy Dallen and Amy Vorpahl. Ben Loomes, creator of Syrinscape, will be on hand to DJ this Blackmagic Design live stream game. There are 250 seats available for audience members so be sure to register for the event here.

Following the game, at 3 p.m. join Phoenix, Rutenberg and Blackmagic Design for “Into the Stream, Tabletop & Beyond with Maze Arcana & Blackmagic Design.” This seminar will take the audience through the live stream process step by step.

Registration for the seminar is here.

“We really just want to see the profile and love for Tabletop RPG’s continue to grow and if we can be a help to those who are curious about streaming, and get them some experience too, we are elated to help…You can expect to spend months just figuring out technical things before gaining any traction and even that can still feel underwhelming against the amount of obstacles you encounter if you don’t know they’re there.” – Ruty Rutenberg

Rutenberg and Phoenix will discuss their own journey to becoming Twitch partners and sponsored D&D content creators to illustrate and illuminate their successes, stumbling blocks and how their self-funded undertaking influenced equipment choices along the way. Meanwhile the Blackmagic Design crew will walk attendees through the live show’s setup with valuable how-to tips and the first part of their awesome giveaways.

How-to experience with hands-on approach

Maze Arcana Gen ConTwo hands-on workshops bookend this amazing series on Saturday, Aug. 19 at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. At each of these workshops, Blackmagic Design continues with huge giveaways of professional-level streaming setups including cameras, hardware and more. Space is limited to 24 at each of the two workshops – so make sure you register for your spot for the 11 a.m. workshop here or the 2 p.m. workshop here!

In these events, participants will get help and training from Rutenberg and Phoenix. The Blackmagic Design team will provide equipment and support while participants learn everything they need to know to start their own live streams from home. The workshop discussion is designed to address a range of budgets, to achieve top quality productions – without requiring top dollar investments.

The seminar and workshops welcome newcomers and experienced streamers alike, with opportunities to gain valuable tips, knowledge and skills from the Maze Arcana and Blackmagic Design team to elevate your  games.

“We love the tabletop community and strive to help others share their experiences with each other with the meetup groups we run and through reaching out to the greater community by showing people what we’re all capable of from our own homes and by teaching people so they don’t feel overwhelmed.” – Satine Phoenix

For more information, visit and check out their D&D games on Twitch. Follow them on Twitter @MazeArcana @satinephoenix and @RutyWoot to keep up with the latest news and join the Arcanite community.

Learn more about Blackmagic Design’s digital cinema products at

Discover the secrets to live streaming with a professional set up and learn from the industry’s top experts in this workshop and seminar series made possible by Blackmagic Design. Expand your game – and your community – in this rapidly growing  environment. Get the tools and knowledge to bring your fantastic adventures to life and share your experience with the world.

D&D Dream Stream live game (250 tickets)

Seminar: Into the Stream, Tabletop & Beyond with Maze Arcana & Blackmagic Design (250 tickets)

Workshops: How to Live Stream Your Game: the Hands-on Approach with Maze Arcana & Blackmagic Design (24 tickets)

Saturday 11 a.m. –

Saturday 2 p.m. –

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