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Find your setting with 5th Evolution: New Genres for Your 5E Game

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Kickstarter Korner for June 2018, Week 2

For anyone that has been playing within fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons for a while, it can be easy to tell how flexible the system is. There is a lot of homebrew out there to give evidence to not only its flexibility, but also to the wide reaching success of the system. I’ve spoken to players that love 5E, but sometimes want to play beyond the fantasy setting. This is where Limitless Adventures has you covered with 5th Evolution. This #5Evo Kickstarter promises to bring three supplements into the hobby covering Alternate WW II History, 80’s Horror and Super Heroes. The best part? These supplements can be used in any combination, opening the door all manner of unique stories and exciting scenes.

5th Evolution #5Evo Kickstarter

Super Heroes, 80’s horror and alternate WWII history await with Limitless Adventures’ 5th Evoultion.

5th Evolution: new genres for your 5E game

What I’m most excited for in 5th Evolution is being able to created an alternate history WWII where both forces have magic and monsters, as well as the technology of the age. The idea of the Axis forces bargaining the aid of beholders and dragons while the Allies take to the battlefield with celestials and giants. Throwing tanks and unleashing a torrent of breath weapons onto the field of war. Another story arc I’d like to explore is using the 80’s Horror aspect but pumping in just a little of the magic from the core rules into it. Having the players solving the mystery of some horrific monster hunting them in the night and uncovering ancient, dark secrets to hopefully defeat the foe and not lose their humanity in the process.

From the 5th Evolution Kickstarter page

What does this Kickstarter Contain?

This project is made up of three separate graphic novel-sized softcover books in three different genres: WW2, Super Heroes, and 80’s Horror. Each book contains three parts:

  • Part 1: the comic. Each 5Evo book opens with a comic that GMs will share digitally with their players prior to the gaming session. These comics serve to introduce the genre and setting, as well as to get players invested in the coming adventure. 

  • Part 2: the adventure. The second section of each 5Evo book is a one-shot adventure, complete with pregenerated characters, that picks up where the comic left off. 

  • Part 3: the source guide. Finally, the third section of each 5Evo book is a source guide that gives the GM the monsters, equipment, and characters to create their own adventures in that particular genre.

5th Evolution #5Evo KickstarterWhat do you think? Are you excited to open your fifth edition D&D games to new genres? Beyond that, even blending the genres into your own unique setting. Let us know what’s going on in your head in regards to these new supplements. If you’re interested in checking out Limitless Adventure’s 5th Evolution Kickstarter, head on over and check them out!

You can learn more about 5th Evolution, the creators, and the inspiration behind the project in Nerdarchy’s interview with Limitless Adventures here on our website. Be sure to follow Limitless Adventures on Twitter and keep an eye on the #5Evo hashtag for updates, news and more from these terrific creators too.

There’s also a 5th Evolution website with even more about the project including the upcoming Ambassador Program, sample content, and a newsletter. The folks at Limitless Adventures really love Fifth Edition and it’s evident in all their products. This latest venture looks to be no exception, and the Kickstarter is just the beginning. Other 5Evo genres will be developed based on community interest, so make your voice heard!

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