Pathfinder Battles Deadly foes minis

Deadly Foes of Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder Battles

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Today we are going to talk about Deadly Foes. Now if I tricked you into clicking this expecting me to talk about encounter design or specific monsters, I am sorry. What I am here to talk about is the Pathfinder Battles: Deadly Foes miniature line put out by WizKids. Looking at this list while waiting for my minis to arrive is a lot of fun. I purchased a booster box, just like I did for Maze of Death and that results in 32 minis. It is never enough, hence the minis addiction I have, but that is beside the point.

Pathfinder Battles Deadly Foes minis

Deadly Foes minis for Pathfinder Battles or D&D combats

Just like I did with Maze of Death I made a wishlist of what I was hoping would be in the boxes. There are lots of cool minis in this collection offering up a wide variety to use against your party or to be your adventurer going through that dungeon. You can find the full set list for Pathfinder Battles: Deadly Foes miniatures on the WizKids website.

Deadly Foes minis

This set, whether you love it or hate it, offers some set dressings or terrain you can use in your game in place of some of the minis. The set has 52 minis and 6 of those options fall into this selection. There are pillars, a magic book, a gateway to hell and a rope trick among others. The rope trick is strong enough to hold a regular medium sized mini aloft as a rope trick spell is supposed to do. I know, as I did get one of those.

I was hoping for one of the books of the damned but it was not to be. I did get a hellgate and since my players are going to the lower planes in the very near future I was very happy to get that one.

Looking at the monsters, let’s face it, the monsters are cooler than the adventurers anyway. This time around I picked one of each: common, uncommon, and rare that I wanted out of the selection, and behold I got my wish! I selected giant crab, because we did a video on it and it was one of the best beast companions for a ranger to select.

For my uncommon I selected the flying ray. The face, the detail, and the paint job on this one put this mini above the others without a problem. Looking at the mini in front of me, I would have made this a medium sized base or made the mini bigger to really fit the large base, but I cannot argue with the sculpt. It is just fantastic.

For the rare I really liked the hellgate as I said earlier. I did get the shadow giant as well and for the rares I did get it was my favorite monster. I love the Aztec look to its gear and wardrobe. I will have to find a way to get this mini some use on the future. It is just too cool not to.Pathfinder Battles minis

The sad part, besides opening the last box and not having any more to open, was that I did not get either the pit devil or the keketar protean. This set has an awesome sewer beast with a great sculpt. This set came out a while ago so I missed out on the uniques associated with it: spawn of Cthulhu and clockwork dragon.

There is also a bearded devil. And since Nerdarchy cares a lot about beards I was quite happy to get a pair of these. Part of me wants to make them a cool encounter to use later on, another part of me wants to take one and make a tiefling warrior with a polearm to use it as a player character.

And that is the great part about minis — you can use them however you like. You are not locked into a set of stats in some book; use them as you see fit. After all you are the Game Master right?

If you want to get some of these minis you can find them individually on Amazon here pick them up here or go for a booster brick of Pathfinder Battles: Deadly Foes. Buying stuff using these links helps support Nerdarchy so we appreciate any purchase you make. Thanks for reading and until next time, stay nerdy!

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