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Hello gamer!  It is that wondrous time again when we delve into another crate and see what glorious treasures can be found within. This is Dungeon Crate, for May 2018 to be exact. This month we get a variety of cool stuff to use in our gaming sessions, so without further ado, let us jump into the unboxing of this subscription box and take a closer look.

Dungeon Crate subscription unboxing

May 2018 Dungeon Crate unboxing

From the Dungeon Crate May 2018 insert:

“This month’s crate surrounds our new adventure: The Maze of Mezalane. Twists and turns, treasures and tribulations all come with May’s offering. A mystic maze along with a kidnapped elven noble, an official licensed treasure from Middle Earth, elf mini, a beastly foe, a badge of honor for your Dungeon Master, and treasure tokens bring excitement to your table.”

The first thing I noticed when I opened this cool Dungeon Crate was the usual insert telling you what is inside is double-sided and much more useful than before. Now it doubles as a dungeon tile. Man, this is extremely cool. Now I want to go back in time and convince them to do this from the beginning just to get more cool tiles. Mine is a “T” intersection with a doorway at the junction. There are some skulls in the hall and some rocks at the doorway. The hallway is 10 feet wide, spaced for your standard D&D or Pathfinder miniature. This is a good find that is not even listed.

Next up, or out if you are talking about unboxing is the Dungeon Crate Adventure. As one would expect with this adventure being a maze, it is about a minotaur. The minotaur kidnapped one of the elves. Are your adventurers brave and clever enough to get in, rescue the noble and get out alive? The adventure is written by Kevin Coffey with artwork by Dungeon Doodles. It is an adventure designed for 6th-level characters. The digital crate has more information including stat blocks and more art. NICE!

Dungeon Crate loves their coins and this time around they got one I think is just downright awesome. It is a Rivendell Crescent Coin from Shire Post Mint. The coin has the elven script on one side (sorry folks I don’t read elvish) and the Rivendell trees, stars and waterfalls on the other. The coin is made of actual copper and shaped like a crescent. In my opinion it is the coolest coin I have picked up from Dungeon Crate to date.

What comes out next you might ask? Well, fancy that question. Sometimes the players at your table need reminding who is the Game Master, and Dungeon Crate provides. From 1980Who comes a custom metal Dungeon Master pin. Four skulls at the cardinal points of the pin, with raised letters reading “Dungeon Master.” A red ‘gem’ is in the center. Wear this every time you game to remind you players who holds the true power at the table.

Dungeon Crate tricked me. I thought I had them figured out and behold my incorrectness. Next on the docket is a cool Game Science die. I thought I knew which of the dice options I would see and when I saw the Game Science die, I was like ha! I guessed it. But when I looked closer it was not the die I was expecting. We get a crisp d14. Not as many uses as your standard polyhedrals but for the dice collector that I am any new die to the collection is a happy day.

Ah, Reaper Miniatures. I have so many that I love, so many that need paint, and yet I love getting more. And this Dungeon Crate gives me two new ones for my collection. The first one is number 77254 Beastman Champion. This is your stand-in for the minotaur for your Maze of Meazalane adventure. It can easily function as a minotaur, goat man, fiend or whatever you can envision and of course how you paint it. [NERDITOR’S NOTE: sounds like a great mini for a member of the Labyrinth!] I know I have some ideas for what to do with mine. The other one is number 77076 Lysette, Elf Wizard. The second component to your maze adventure. You got a beast that kidnaps a noble, it helps to have the noble to be kidnapped. She comes in a dress with both staff and sword. Since elves get proficiency with longswords as a racial trait it works with just about any build, but she certainly speaks to me as a caster. Druid, wizard or sorcerer for sure.

If you are a Dungeon Crate subscriber you already know this month there was an issue with one of their suppliers and like a champ they came up with an elegant solution. Keep getting the crate and they will add it to yours next month; no longer want the crate, fine, when they come in they will ship them out to you. What pros. What we did not get in the crate yet is from Advanced Deployment. They always make great stuff to use at the table like flight stands and treasure tokens. The fact I have to wait for these in my next crate hurts. I need flight stands. I came up with a way to show it at my table but I am sure the fine folks at Advanced Deployment have a more elegant method. We will wait and see.

Lastly, themed with our adventure we get a cool button with a minotaur done up by Dungeon Doodles. I have my wall of pins behind me to get me more nerdy and so they do not sit in a box.

So there you have it this months Dungeon Crate. If you want to head over to the Dungeon Crate website you can sign up using the promo code Nerdarchy to get 10 percent off your first month’s crate and begin enjoying in all the DC goodies each month. While over there you can check out the store, pick up past crates or the great stuff inside individually.

As always thanks for reading and until next time, stay nerdy!

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