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Find Solace in the Desert (and Ghosts!) at the Forgotten Oasis for 5E D&D

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Salutations, nerds! It’s that part of the month again, and today I want to talk to you a little bit about the Forgotten Oasis, our upcoming Patreon reward content for February, so if you’re not subscribed to Patreon and you’re interested in receiving this content, go ahead and pop on over there, cause it’s right around the corner and we share early access to these Fifth Edition products before they make their way here to the store on the website. Every month we create new products with material for Game Masters and players alike, ready to drop right into your 5E D&D games. In January we uncovered Treasures of the Tundra, and now we’re switching things up and heading to a warmer climate in the desert.

5E D&D desert ghost

Forgotten Oasis cover [Art by Nelson Vieira]

A desert mystery for players and Dungeon Masters

Imagine being in the middle of the desert and running low on water, but lo and behold! A convenient oasis to rest up in presents itself before you. Little do you know, this oasis is a devious trap meant to lure you into the underground and the temple residing there.

Forgotten Oasis is a terrible terrain featuring a sunken temple in the middle of the desert sand that wants to pull you in and keep you there. Can your party figure out how to get back out again? The last party to go down there sure didn’t.

Within you’ll discover such magic items as a pair of bracelets that allow you to trade places with the person wearing the other, a pair of glasses that reveal hidden secrets and an hourglass that can be used to put a stopper on death. Oh, and the bodies of the last party that got sucked in.

There are some cool new ghostly monsters in service to the forgotten deity of the oasis, as well as a new warlock patron — The Forgotten Goddess herself — based around collecting and working with the spirits of the dead.

So! I do hope you’ll join me in putting on our medium hats and seeing what the recently deceased have to tell us in the Forgotten Oasis supplement! If you’re subbed to the Patreon, I’d love to hear your thoughts, and as always I hope you all have as much fun playing it as I did writing it!

Forgotten Goddess Otherworldly Patron for warlocks

“You have made a pact with the spirit of a deity that has been dead so long no one remembers her name. Her echo, however, remains with a certain strength to it, and through this echo she gives you power over liminal spaces and that which passes between.”

Making a pact with the Forgotten Goddess provides warlocks with intimate knowledge of ghostly apparitions — including the ability to capture the fleeting spirit of a dying creature and create a ghost under your control. At higher levels the Forgotten Goddess clouds the minds of enemies, causing them to forget who is a friend and who is a foe, transfer souls between bodies and unleash a whirlwind of apparitions to siphon the life force of those nearby and restore your health.


From video to 5E D&D content to your games

Like a lot of our products, the concepts and themes for Forgotten Oasis begin at Nerdarchy the YouTube channel. Nerdarchists Dave and Ted offer up several ideas for scenarios, some with undead and others with psychic monsters. It could be one dungeon that reappears over and over again or different dungeons  created by an evil desert god to torment adventurers and travelers alike. This could be a classic Dungeons & Dragons dungeon crawl or something else entirely.

From there we reimagine the ideas and develop new material for 5E D&D, then give it to our Patreon supporters as part of their rewards. During our exclusive Monday Patreon live chat we have a lot of fun chatting with these folks about how they’ve used these products in their games, share previews of upcoming projects and listen to their valuable feedback to help us create the best content we can both for them and the larger 5E D&D community when these digital books hit the shelves here at Nerdarchy the Store.

But the creation doesn’t stop there! We revisit a lot of these products through website posts with enhanced content. In these posts we create new stuff inspired and informed by these products that can be used for any 5E D&D campaign but with a special connection to the published material. For example our Lord of Dead Dreams has developed into a major villain with new monster minions, motivations and powerful magic items related to the dastardly ogre mage’s trade in illicit dream substances. You can find enhanced content like that free here on the site.

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Robin Miller

Speculative fiction writer and part-time Dungeon Master Robin Miller lives in southern Ohio where they keep mostly nocturnal hours and enjoys life’s quiet moments. They have a deep love for occult things, antiques, herbalism, big floppy hats and the wonders of the small world (such as insects and arachnids), and they are happy to be owned by the beloved ghost of a black cat. Their fiction, such as The Chronicles of Drasule and the Nimbus Mysteries, can be found on Amazon.

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