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Extend your 5E Game World with Limitless Adventures 5th Evolution

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Andy Hand and his team at Limitless Adventures have heard your frustrated call. These top creators in the gaming community have assembled under the Limitless Adventures banner and have brought to you 5th Evolution (5Evo). The intrepid band of writers have sat down and given your favorite Fifth Edition rules new life in three fantastic genres: 80’s Horror, Super Heroes, and World War II. They’ve taken their favorite genres, added new equipment, rule supplements, and monsters, and made pregenerated characters and an 8-page introductory comic with an epic cliffhanger to start players right into the adventures, with the 5Evo Kickstarter set to launch on June 4, 2018. [NERDITOR’S NOTE: Updated June 6 with link to live Kickstarter]

With 5th Evolution from Limitless Adventures, you can extend your gameworld with supers, horror, sci-fi, and more!


5th Evolution to the rescue

It always happens, you spend weeks as a Game Master preparing your game session and then someone comes up to you and asks, “Can I play like, a war soldier, who you know, wandered into a portal and got lost in time and now I fight ogres with like a machine gun and grenades?” It never fails, this always happens, especially if Hellboy has been on TV recently. For years GMs have been plagued with players going can we do this, or but can it be that way, or are there lightsabers. For as long as there has been Dungeons & Dragons, people have been trying to convert the rules to genres that it was never meant to be.

I had the good fortune to have a few questions with Andy, as he and the folks at Limitless Adventures prepare for another run in the race with the 5Evo Kickstarter.

Q&A with Limitless Adventures Andy Hand

5Evo Kickstarter 5th Evolution Limitless Adventures

The three pillars of 5E play: combat, exploration, and social interaction, work as well for a WWII setting as in medieval fantasy.

What was the driving force and inspiration for setting up these books?

“We love the 5E rules. They are easy to use and well-balanced, so when we wanted to create content outside of the medieval fantasy genre we decided to use 5E rules since they have been extensively playtested.”

Out of the selection of genres out there, why start with WWII, Superheroes, and 80’s horror?

“Once we decided we wanted to connect to the project to comics, we chose the genre we enjoyed most as kids: WWII, horror (especially EC Tales from the Crypt-style books), and superheroes. We intend to do several genres and follow up books based on popularity.”

You said each book comes with a comic you can digitally share with players, is this a link that comes with the book and can it also be printed off?

“Each comic will be printed in the book and given to backers as a separate PDF that they can share with players digitally or print out.”

Can you elaborate any on the Ambassador or Crucible programs?

“The Ambassador program rewards players and GMs for helping to promote [5th Evolution]. When you sign up for the program you’ll be given a unique URL link that you can use to spread the word on social media, forums, etc. When people join the 5Evo mailing list using your unique code you’ll unlock exclusive content like new character options that you can download for free. The Crucible is a free introductory adventure we will release to let people try 5Evo before the Kickstarter.”

Are there plans for a follow-up kick-starter after and if so, any hints about what genres could be up next?

“Our current Kickstarter schedule is as follows:


  • June – 5Evo -Supers, WW2, 80’s Horror
  • Oct – Enc. 1 revision
  • Jan 19 – 5Evo – Whitechapel (a gaslight campaign where a band of thug & con men attempt to catch Jack the Ripper)

Other 5Evo genres will be decided by the community.”

5th Evolution thoughts going forward

The Limitless Adventures team did a tremendous job with their previous book Limitless Encounters 2, so the bar is there in good standing. Looking at the launch page for this, and the introduction comic that you can find here, I have full confidence in this product. Remember folks, at the end of the day, you can run something normal and be part of the mob, but if you run something crazy the mob will make you their leader.

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