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D&D Gith Race – What Character Class Should You Play

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We look at the 5e D&D gith race and subraces. It’s time to pick the best character classes for both the githyanki and githzerai. Plus some unexpected choices as well. Below you’ll find the video and the transcription.

D&D Gith Race – What Character Class Should You Play Video

D&D Gith Race – What Character Class Should You Play Video Transcription

Dave: “Hey Ted remember we did that video. Don’t use Drow, use this instead.”

Ted: “Oh yeah, you want to do another one of those?”

Dave: “Oh hell no, Ted! Ever since then I haven’t been able to get the gith out of my mind.”

Ted: “Uh, do you think that might be Vlaakith’s influence?”

Dave: “No, I just think we should do D&D Gith what class should you play.”

Dave: “Welcome to Nerdarchy for nerds by nerds I’m Nerdarchist Dave. As always. I’m hanging out with this nerd.”

Ted: “Nerdarchist Ted.”

Dave: “Hey, maybe it’s your first time visiting Ted’s basement. Well, it’s a place where we like to talk about news, views, and homebrews for 5th Dungeons and Dragons. Sometimes we’ll even talk about other role-playing games.”

Ted: “So if you don’t want to miss a single video, then don’t forget to crit hit that subscribe button and attune to that notification bell.”

Dave: “All right, let’s jump into it. So usually when we do these videos, we talk about the base race. In this case, that’s going to be gith and what you get from that. And then we kind of go to the subclasses and break it down.”

Ted: “So we have this very cool extraplanar race. They don’t typically age out in the limbo so that that tends to speak to a different level of grace and them kind of have to send their offspring out into the prime so that they can actually age and become adults before they join them.”

Dave: “Yeah. You know the githzerai as you said, are they dwell on limbo where the githyanki they live agelessly in the astral plane.”

Ted: “So mechanically as a base race, they’re not going to get much. Most of what they’re going to get is being built into your subrace We’re going to get a plus one to intelligence and then you’re going to get the languages of gith and common.”

Dave: “Yeah, the gith is split as a species many, many ages ago when they first escape the influence and enslavement by the illithids and the mind flayers. These guys, they definitely look like psychic monks or space pirates depending on what flavor you want to go with. Neither of them is particularly nice to githyanki seem to be a little bit on the meaner side. Both of them to me look very creepy.”

Ted: “Absolutely. So I think other things are creepy out there as well.”

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Dave: “I don’t think the sponsor would appreciate it that they’re just putting out the creepy book right now.”

Ted: “The Ultimate Bestiary Revenge of the Horde. We love that book. We love the format and see them coming out with a sequel to it. We are super excited. There is so many great undead that’s going to be in that. There’s going to have were-creatures that are in that, which you know that’s got me, you know, over the moon about that’s not all. They’re unlocking some awesome stretch goals.”

Dave: “We’ve got four stretch goals already unlocked. The fifth one is just, just a hair’s breadth away. You’re going to get player options whether it’s playing undead Hunting undead. I can’t wait to see what they come out with. We’re getting more art. We’re getting dread beasts. We are getting, uh, maps for the lairs for these creatures and right on the horizon, we’re almost there. I can almost guarantee you by the time you guys actually have seen this video, it’s already tipped and Mongrel folk is already unlocked.”

Ted: “I’m really excited about this. I’ve been a fan of Mongrel folk for a long time. They’re creepy and they’ve got, you know, weird looks and you can take them apart and put them together visually, however you want. Makes me super fond of the mongrel folk. So I’m very excited to see what they do here.”

Dave: “Yeah, absolutely. If we hadn’t made this perfectly clear by now, this is not your typical a to z monster book. This is going to be specifically about undead monsters and creatures as well as things that are kind of cursed.”

Ted: “All right, so help out the channel by helping out the sponsors and check out the link. It’ll be in the description below.”D&D Gith Race

Dave: “So let’s jump back into it. Let’s break down the sub-races for gith. We’ve got githyanki we’ve got githzerai.”

Ted: “Where you want to start?”

Dave: “We’re going to start with githyanki.”

Ted: “All right, so the githyanki, you know our space pirates, as you’re calling them, they’re going to get a plus two to strength. So we know that they are, while they don’t look it, they’re physically stronger than their githzerai cousins.”

Dave: “ Yeah, they’re tall, they’re lean, they’re lithe. And you know, I just envisioned them being all kind of like bone and sinew. So with them living in the astral plane and not really aging, they have something called decadent mastery. They’re going to get one language and a skill or tool proficiency to add to their list.”

Ted: “So with them living in the astral plane and not really aging, they have something called decadent mastery. They’re going to get one language and a skill or tool proficiency to add to their list. When you really aren’t aging, you’ve got the ability to kind of choose your field of study, if you will. So this definitely makes sense. And if you’re going to go out and raid, it’s kind of best to know the language that you’re going to be raiding on so that you can hear their battle plans.”

Dave: “Also, you get Martial Prodigy as a githyanki.”

Ted: “this is going to give you access to armor and weapons, you know, light and medium armor, short swords, long swords, great swords, which totally fit the fighting style of these Raiders.”

Dave: “Next up all gith are psionic. So you’re gonna get some psionic powers as well.”

Ted: “That’s absolutely right. You’re going to start with getting access to mage hand a third level, you’re going to get jumped and then a fifth level you’re going to get access to misty step.”

Dave: “Yeah, so the cantrip, use it as much as you want the other abilities once per day. Pretty cool.”

Ted: “Absolutely. And it winds up being pretty useful at anyone you know, can, can use mage hand has a lot of great variety and any class would love to have access to jump, especially when you’re dealing with those natural hazards. And let’s face it, misty step is just awesome.”

Dave: “Absolutely. All right. From there we’re going to get into our expected classes and as well we like to do the unexpected as well.”

Ted: “Alright So as we said, this is a plus two to strength plus one to intelligence. I don’t think it’s really hard to figure out what these guys are going to be good at.”

Dave: “Yeah. Any of the martial classes they’re going to excel at, you got fighter, barbarian, ranger, even paladin to a certain extent with that plus two to strength are gonna be really good at that. But they’re going to double down on your fighter when it comes to the eldritch knight.”
Ted: “Absolutely getting the ability to have strength and intelligence. It’s really, you know, a superb fit for that eldritch knight.”

Dave: “Not only that thematically gith, but they’re also very gish oriented races. So you know, just makes a ton of sense.”

Ted: “Absolutely. And you know, you’re going to be able to get that spell usage is that you’ve got from your base race and it’s going to complement those fighting styles.”

Dave: “Absolutely. So next unexpected.”

Ted: “All right, so where do we see us going here?”

Dave: “ Basically because of that, martial prodigy bards, sorcerer, and warlock are going to be great choices. You’re gonna get access to weapons you normally wouldn’t get access to, but even better is light and medium armor. So you don’t need as high of a dexterity you might normally, and not only that, you might not have to spend spell slots in order to armor up. Instead, you just wear armor. It’s a lot more efficient saves on resources.”

Ted: “So you know if you put on that armor, strap that great sword of cross your back, and then you start casting fire bolts and fireballs, You know, people are going to be a little bit worried. But when the fighting happens and someone comes up, you know on to you, you’ve got the strength and armor class to be able to throw down with the best of them.”

Dave: “Yeah, absolutely. And you know, it may just speak to a different kind of character build where you might be a more of an up close and personal caster because you know, you do have this martial background to draw upon.”

Ted: “Absolutely. So we have a lot to draw on from this race. So definitely a good way to go with that particular race.”

Dave: “So our next sub-race is the githzerai.”

Ted: “This one I think you know, all of you out there based off of what Dave is already said, you kind of know where this guy is going for his favorite classes, but we got to go through the rigmarole.”

Dave: “Yes we do. So they’re going to get that bonus to wisdom instead of strength like our githyanki does their wise.”

Ted: “So they’re also going to get the mental discipline, which is going to be advantage on charmed and frightened condition.”

Dave: “So yeah, that, so that’s going to even double down on the fact that they have, you know, super strong willpower. So the githyanki aren’t alone in their psionics gives the rarely get it as well. They get mage hand at third level, they’re going to get the shield spell and then a fifth level they can detect thoughts.”

Ted: “This to me is already speaking to someone who’s able to kind of sneak in and just kinda mentally observe what’s going on.”

Dave: “Yeah, absolutely. All right, so we’re going to look at our expected classes and then our unexpected.”

Ted: “All right, so where are we looking at for these guys?”

Dave: “All right, so anything that benefits from a wisdom stat is where you’re probably going to want to go with these. So you know, that’s basically all of our divine casters as it’s druid, it’s a cleric.”
Ted: “ But I mean that’s not all. You know, given the whole psychic monk that you were talking about, these guys would make fabulous monks and because you know, they’ve got that plus two intelligence from the base race, I think they’d make fabulous wizards as well.”

Dave: “Yeah. Any of those choices work perfectly. Especially the monk. It’s very thematic. I mean they kind of like secret away on the plane of limbo in a monastery. So yeah, it says screams monk intelligence bonus. So that works for the wizard as well. The divine casters are going to be really good at it. They’ve got that bonus to wisdom.”

Ted: “They’re a very cerebral race. I mean they’re, all of their stats are mental heavy. So.”

Dave: “Now the question is unexpected. Where are we going to go with it I feel like this one is a little, was a little tougher for us, but we have some ideas.”

Ted: “Brings cerebral, being intelligent. You know, I looked at this and I’m like, you know, I think these guys would make excellent scouts. The ability to kind of sneak in and being able to, as I said, you know, observe and literally detecting thoughts possibly from being hidden. I think these guys would make phenomenal scouts.”

Dave: “Right and in D&D 5th or otherwise, I want to say the two scout out classes are going to be”

Ted: “ ranger and rogue.”

Dave: “Absolutely. Now they’re going to get that bonus to wisdom. As you said, they’re going to be more perceptive. They’re going to be more aware, are aware of their surroundings. They get that bonus to intelligence. Not Super useful if you’re a ranger, but if you’re a rogue and maybe you went to go, arcane trickster, that might be useful, but also it’s, there’s a suite of abilities that they get that are going to be super helpful. You know, shield is never not useful. Mage hand so they can do things at a distance. And that the detect thoughts, I was actually thinking about a different direction when you mentioned the scouting. I was actually thinking rogue and going with the idea that they’re casing out potential marks using that ability, you know, maybe they spend a day or several days just detecting thoughts in a tavern or at a museum they plan on breaking into or whatever their, Mark’s going to be and then obviously you know, mage hand is going to be useful too.”

Ted: “I see this as similar in style to what you’re talking about. This is nonphysical, you know, race based on how mechanically they’re put together. So this is the kind of person that I would see as the one casing the place or doing the scouting, you know, hopefully from being unobserved. So they would be able to investigate, you know, they would have the correct knowledge, skills they would need. If it’s scouting, you could go with nature. Uh, you know, you could get heavily invested into one of the others as well. And that bonus to intelligence would help that out as well, so you’d be able to gather all the information, put it all together, come back and let somebody else do the dirty work.”

Dave: “Well, not only that, their background does kind of scream, you know horizon walker, that planar ranger as well, if they’re on a crew for thieves are thieves guild. The spotter is like the ultimate position for them with their, their suite of abilities and their stats so I think that could work very nicely.”

Ted: “All in all, it’s a little bit unexpected, but ranger and rogue I think really do work out for the githzerai.”

Dave: “Let us know. We had a place where we can talk about down in the comments below, but before we go, we want to invite you to join the Nerdarchy Adventuring Party over on patron. Ted, what can they find over there?”

Ted: “Every month we are creating products for 5th Dungeons and Dragons for players and DMs alike.”

Dave: “But that’s not all. Our patrons are automatically entered every month into our giveaways.”

Ted: “And while that’s true, Dave, that’s still not everything that we do. We doing weekly hangouts with our patrons.”

Dave: “Until next time.”

Both: “Stay nerdy!”

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