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D&D Beyond Publishes Inaugural Post by Lead Writer James Haeck

Coming on the heels of their recent announcement of hiring James Haeck as lead writer under content manager Todd Kenreck, D&D Beyond published their first post of this new endeavor on Monday, March 5, 2018. Along with staff writers James Introcaso and Mike Shea, DDB will begin producing written content on the site to compliment the wonderful video content produced by Kenreck. The first post to usher in the new featured content takes a look at one of fifth edition’s most often discussed and debated class features – the Beast Master ranger archetype.

D&D Beyond leads with Beast Master ranger

In “Is the Beast Master Broken? Examining D&D’s Most Misunderstood Archetype” writer Haeck takes a look at what has evolved into something of a hot button topic in the D&D community. He examines what some of the major aspects pointed to as flaws with the classic concept, and taps prolific content creator and well-known Beast Master advocate Dan Dillon for his thoughts on the matter.

Anyone who spends time on the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Facebook group where Dillon is a moderator are no doubt familiar with his reasoned and seasoned perspective on the Beast Master, which he’s played straight out of the Player’s Handbook from 1st-20th level with success in the form of fun and function. In speaking with Haeck, Dillon elaborates on some of the more important aspects of a Beast Master including making good choices for the beast companion.

Everyone here at Nerdarchy was naturally super excited and humbled to find our own Nerdarchists Dave and Ted and Nate the Nerdarch added to the mix as well! Dovetailing from Dillon’s discussion on various beasts to make your Beast Master more effective, Haeck shared Nerdarchy’s video on what the guys feel are the 5 BEST Beast Companions for the Beast Master ranger. To be included in the discussion is a real honor for us, and reinforces our strong belief that the D&D community is simply the best, with continuing and growing camaraderie and mutual appreciation for all the content and work being done and shared with D&D enthusiasts all over the world. Like DDB and all our friends and colleagues in the industry, we love seeing the hobby grow and become more and more strongly interconnected.

If you enjoyed DDB’s inaugural post and Haeck’s writing, make sure to follow them on social media and visit the DDB website so you don’t miss the next great installment of tips, advice, theory and news about everything D&D. The DDB team’s growth and development continues to broaden the experience, well, beyond a simple digital toolset. With the content creation team’s established top quality video content and now written material evoking the spirit of D&D classic publications Dungeon and Dragon, the rollout of the DDB mobile app, and a consistent stream of refinements and new directions for the tools themselves, we can’t wait to see what they have for us next. Speaking of the mobile app, another post from product lead Adam Bradford announced the app is now in open beta and available to the public in both Apple and Android stores.

And if the DDB delve into the Beast Master ranger piqued your interest in the iconic concept, we’ve got another post right here on our website looking at the archetype from another perspective. D&D Ranger Beast Master: Beast and Ranger are One approaches the class with an eye towards the relationship between ranger and beast companion.

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