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Nerdarchist Dave and Assistant Web Editor Doug, coming off of Origins Game Fair, welcomed D&D Adventurers League Community Manager Robert Adducci for a live chat. The Nerdarchy team at Origins met Adducci and many other great people there, and were happy to have him join us to talk nerdy for an afternoon.

D&D Adventurers League communityAdventurers League is the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons organized play program. It offers a way for people to get involved in a larger campaign and community. Previously limited to in-store play, the program has widened to include conventions and even home games – as long as the DM abides by Adventurers League rules.

These rules are essentially the standard D&D rules. There are a few elements specific to Adventurers League play designed to maintain a consistent experience across the board. That way, Adventurers League players know what to expect no matter where they take their characters and log sheets for Adventurers League games.

Growing the D&D community through Adventurers League

Adducci has been involved with Adventurers League from the get-go, around the same time that fifth edition D&D was released. In his role as community manager, Adducci keeps up with several responsibilities like moderating and managing social media for Adventurers League and the Adventurers League website with Associate Community Manager Alan Patrick. There are six admins for Adventurers League, who Adducci describes as Dungeon Masters for the program – making decisions for the program as a whole the way DM’s do for individual games.

To learn more about Adventurers League, after you watch the live chat with Adducci head over to the website. There you’ll find an explanation of the program, help finding games in your area, player and DM guides and resources, a blog and ways for D&D fans to become more involved with the community. Many of today’s new players got their introduction to D&D through Adventurers League, which does a fantastic job of welcoming people into the hobby.

Questions for the live chat audience included things like how community-generated adventures can become part of Adventurers League play, how the structure of Adventurers League has evolved, the correlation between Adventurers League content and official D&D storylines, and of course if the PHB +1 restriction will ever be lifted.

All-in-all it was a great live chat with Adducci. Nerdarchy was happy to have him as a guest to talk more about Adventurers League, how he became involved and the other terrific projects he’s involved with. One of these is as an admin for the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition Facebook group where players and DMs can go with questions or just to interact with each other. He also has a new position handling social media for Maze Arcana – the popular live stream D&D game by Ruty Rutenberg and Satine Phoenix, who are now official Wizards of the Coast partners.

D&D communityAlthough it did not come in the chat, Adducci – an avowed Dark Sun fan – recently launched a podcast dedicated to exploring the beloved D&D setting. Bone, Stone, and Obsidian delves into the elements that make Dark Sun unique. Fans of Dark Sun – and there are many – should definitely check out this podcast by Adducci and Wayne Chang.

If you have any questions for Adducci about Adventurers League, please leave them in the video comments or visit any of the Adventurers League resources where he or other helpful admins are ready to answer. Like all of us D&D fans, he loves to see the hobby and community grow and is happy to see new players joining us all the time, old players returning and longtime players coming together. If you spot Adducci at a convention running games or hanging out, stop and say hello.

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And until next time, stay nerdy!

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