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Colosseum of Weird — D&D Extraplanar Adventure Seeds

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The Nerdarchists are talking about adventures beyond the material plane. I will admit, I don’t care much for D&D extraplanar adventure. I tend to run a much lower fantasy. Not the lowest of fantasy, but beings from other dimensions and dimensional travel are things almost unheard of and fraught with danger. However, after re-watching some Thor: Ragnarok and watching Nerdarchists Dave and Ted get into the topic, I’m here to throw in some extra ideas that you might want to use in your upcoming adventures.

D&D extraplanar adventure
Planar portals can lead to limitless adventure in Dungeons & Dragons.

D&D extraplanar adventure idea

Inter-dimensional trappers

Warriors of the Kabals form the beating heart of each Drukhari (Dark Eldar) strike force. 

I’m a really big fan of Warhammer 40,000 and I take a lot of inspiration from it and its fantasy counterpart when I write. My favorite army are the Dark Eldar. To explain them simply and quickly: space pirate dark elves who capture creatures to consume their souls and other dark experiments. The aspect that calls to my mind for this adventure would be their drive to collect powerful creatures throughout reality to throw into their gladiator pits for the joy of their people to watch.

I think that could make an interesting planar D&D story arc. A fairly skilled and established party is interrupted during a dungeon run by extraplanar hunters who trap the characters and drag them back to their world. The hunters are much too powerful than the PCs and you should put that high challenge rating on display.

The party is then placed in multiple combats over time, fighting fantastical creatures from across the dimensions, putting on a spectacle and slowly getting more powerful. Eventually, maybe even after earning the respect of other veteran fighters, the party will have enough knowledge and strength to create a an escape plan, besting the hunters who captured them at the beginning of the arc.

This could really work well with the Shadowfell or maybe the party is strapped with waterbreathing devices and taken into the elemental plane of water to fight all manner of terrible beasts. The options are wide open and I think each Dungeon Master finding the right plane for their party is the key.

What do you think? Might you be running a D&D extraplanar adventure soon? Where are you running it and how are they getting there? Thanks for watching and reading and I’ll see you next time. Stay nerdy.

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