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As with many out there in RPG hobby who have taken to the interwebs, I’m a fan of quite a few different content creators out there. Shocking, I know. While my love for Nerdarchy is evident, I do occasionally peek into what other channels are doing. My series-of-tube-lurking has brought me to Taking 20 this week. The ever kind Cody has released his new class the Mist Walker for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons, and while I find the class chocked full of flavor, I like to take that flavor, twist it and turn it to eleven. Allow me to introduce you to: Kurugame, the Bubblemancer!

Taking 20 Mist Walker
Ana Yang from the Gazillion Bubble Show – a Bubblemancer?

Mist Walker from Taking 20 – unbubblievable possibilties

The Mist Walker from Taking 20 is a mechanical blend of ranger, sorcerer and monk with a high emphasis on mobility in the form of the Mist Walking ability. This high mobility derived from an innate teleportation ability, combined with unarmored defense makes for a very agile martial combatant. Early on in their progression, the Mist Walker can begin using Shroud Abilities at the cost of Shroud Points much like a Sorcerer has Sorcery Points or a Monk Ki Points. These abilities give all manner of tactical benefits, from disarming opponents to out of turn teleporting. Each Mist Walker makes their choice of Conviction (their version of archetype) at third level and that is where the bubbles come in.

A boisterous and proud human with a Broadway personality, Kurugame is my Bubblemancer. Wrapped in the finest regalia and the perfect coif, Kurugame treats the battlefield like a stage play. With his trustee épée and buckler, he is second to none when tested in martial prowess. His true strength he derives from his rare bubblemancery, using it to distract, obscure and disrupt the opponents around him. Taking the general Shroud and Mist Walking abilities and re-flavoring them with a cloud of bubbles is a lot of fun to me and adding in the Conviction of the Mind, is really the cherry on top. Being able to surround a creature in oppressive and obscuring bubbles, capturing their weapon in a bubble that floats away, or simply wrapping allies in bubbles for a quick swap around the battle field brings this character’s center-stage presence to the fore.

I had a lot of fun reading over and developing a concept for the Mist Walker that really speaks to me and really showcases the class’ natural spotlight presence. You can find the Mist Walker class from Taking 20 over at DriveThruRPG here, and before you check out don’t forget Nerdarchy’s exclusive coupon code DTRPG-Nerdarchy for a one-time 10 percent off digital orders $10 or more. What do you think? Eager to play the Bubblemancer? Excited to bring the Mistwalker to the table or have you already had so much fun you’re ready to pop? Let us know in the comments below.

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