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Adventurers League Lizardfolk 5E D&D Character Build

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The 5E D&D character build is something Nerdarchy is kind of known for. More recently we’ve decided to start doing Adventurers League legal character builds. It started off as just a 5E D&D character build fan request with the extra stipulation that it be Adventurers League legal.

Turns out we liked the idea of making builds within the constraints of AL so much so we decided to turn it into a playlist on our the Nerdarchy YouTube Channel – Adventurers League Legal 5E D&D Character Builds. One of our recent Adventurers League 5E D&D character builds is the Scaled Skald. We also referred to this build as our warrior poet build. You can check out the D&D Beyond character sheet, and get the Adventurers League legal Scaled Skald 5E D&D character build guide that includes an NPC version for Dungeon Masters over on the Dungeon Master’s Guild for pay what you want.

Lizardfolk 5E D&D character build

With most of our character builds I try to figure out how to develop ideas into organizations or come up with why there might be more than the character. But in this case the scaled skald lizardfolk build is very much an individual build.

For our warrior poet scaled skald we went with a lizardfolk to make a bit of an oddball character. We thought it would even more added fun to add the noble background using the knight variant.

While we didn’t make a cool organization from this one I do think we could came up with an interesting location. A keep standing just outside of a swamp controlled by lizardfolk. A hundred years ago their was a war between the orc tribes in the mountains. A mighty orc chieftain had brought the strongest tribes together under his banner and were plotting to sweep down upon the lowlanders.

Lizarfolk can make the perfect minions for a black dragon. This Warriors of the Poison Dusk would be right at home in an acidic, watery lair. [Art by Christopher Burdett]

A lord was charged with keeping the kingdom secure from the monsters in the mountains. He learned of the impending invasion of the orc tribes and needed to act. He lacked the troops to defend the realm from this threat. In a bid of desperation he mounted an expedition into the swamp. He met with the king of the lizardfolk and struck an alliance.

The orcs came and the lord met them on the passes coming down from the mountains. The path put the swamp on the orcs flank. As man and orc battled the lizardfolk entered the melee taking the field. The orcs weren’t prepared for the savageness coming from the swamp to smash into the orc flank.

In honor of services rendered the lizardfolk king was awarded lands and title. As befitting one his station he was granted knights as well. Several generations of families now served under the scaled lord’s banner now. And now we get to the current time and our scaled skald.

Adventure hooks

  • The orcs have risen up once again. The players characters have been sent to help defend the keep from oncoming orcs.
  • The keep is a stop off on the way into the swamp. Maybe there is a bit of intrigue in the keep before the quest. During adventurers’ stay someone is murdered and the players are asked to help find the murderer.
  • War has broken out inside the swamp. The scaled lord must defend his claim on the swamp. The lizardfolk lord has requested aid from his liege lord. It’s at the behest of this liege lord the adventurers are sent to aid the lizardfolk lord in reclaiming his ruler ship over the swamp either through word or blade.
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