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WizKids 4D Settings: Homestead and Medieval Farmer Spin Adventure from Humble Beginnings

When creating low level games for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons there are tropes for where the adventure is going to go. Down on the farm there is something happening with the animals. Or down on the farm things are going missing. Yeah there are a lot of them, but the things happening on the farm is common among early quest goals. If you want to wow your players from session one you can pick up the awesome WizKids 4D Settings: Medieval Farmer and WizKids 4D Settings: Homestead sets of scatter or terrain for your 5E D&D or favorite tabletop roleplaying game put out by our friends over at WizKids.

wizkids medieval farmer homestead

Who needs a dungeon when you’ve got a Medieval Farmer and Homestead?

Having terrain helps in visualization for many players and helps to get the player and character immersed in the game. The great thing about these WizKids 4D Settings miniatures and terrain is they are not blind purchase and come fully painted. This allows you to make the choice of exactly the set or sets you are interested in and they are table ready right out of the box.

The Medieval Farmer set is great and comes with 15 pieces — 1 farmer, 2 cows and 2 oxen, an animal shed, 4 fence pieces, a manger, 2 hay stacks, a plow and a two wheeled cart.

There are lots of adventures you could come up with to utilize these detailed minis. Is something attacking or stealing the livestock? I can think of several ideas using just that one sentence. Is there an out of season creature in the woods attacking the livestock? Is there a druid or some other creature that does not want the livestock eaten so it is using its magic to take the animals elsewhere?

abyssal chicken medieval farmer homestead adventure

An abyssal chicken as seen in the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus. [Image courtesy Wizards of the Coast]

I think a lost opportunity in this set is the haystacks, while sized to allow a medium or smaller creature to fit inside they do not open. But we play a game where we pretend all the time so why not have a creature hidden in the hay that can jump out and attack? What if some angry mage put a curse on the hay and anything that consumes it becomes full of rage? The party must investigate while trying not to get run over or impaled by the farm animals. I am certain if I pushed I could link an adventure to each of these interesting items.

Let’s look at the next set from WizKids. The Homestead is a nice addition to the other set and comes with even more pieces. You have a farmers hut with a removable roof, and while you do not get the farmer themselves you do get a horse, a pig and 4 chickens, a chicken coop, a hitch post, chopped wood pile, 2 sacks of grain and a trough. If that was not enough you also get a well, 4 more fence pieces and a wheelbarrow.

Again this is a great assortment. You can use it to expand the first set giving you a large farm to have a dressing for all the happenings. Or if you prefer you can get only the set most appealing to you. Adventures using this seem pretty easy to me. First and foremost you have the well. How many great stories are there already about things using the well? Believe me, they are out there. You again have all the stories you can use with animals. Specifically with the release of Descent into Avernus, we have stats for an abyssal chicken. Why not have someone corrupting the chickens into abyssal chickens? Maybe your big bad of that adventure is nothing bigger than an imp with a minor magic item!

What adventures can you come up with using these cool pieces of terrain and scatter? Did I miss anything obvious? You can check out WizKids 4D Settings: Medieval Farmer here and WizKids 4D Settings: Homestead here. Let me know what ideas these inspire in your imagination.

Thanks as always for reading. Until next time, stay nerdy!

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