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Using the Corpse Rook- Fifth Edition Foes from Frog God Games| Dungeons and Dragons Monsters

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What has brilliant feathers as dark as night, a massive wingspan and heads that’d make a Doduo jealous? Why, the corpse rook. Frog God Games was nice enough to include this beauty in their Fifth Edition Foes compendium and just like every other entry in the book, I love this monstrosity. Let’s jump into what I think is a great way to use this fantastic creature.

Frog God Games Fifth Edition Foes

The corpse rook is one of many incredible creatures in Frog God Games’ Fifth Edition Foes [Art by Talon Dunning]

The Raven, god of men

Ravens are known for their ability to learn and adapt so well it can be eerie. Knowing when to wait for crosswalks and learning phrases that humans use to endear them into giving food. These birds are fascinating. Now imagine one that’s larger than a horse, with three heads in a magical environment. This raven, we’ll name him Munnin, has learned that if you properly scare humans with posturing and an imposing display, they will let you eat their horses and livestock. What is over the generations, an isolated farming village began to fear and respect this bird as a vengeful god that needed sacrifice. You could have this bird live a long life because, you know, magic. Or, Munnin could have passed down what it learned through the generations to all its young, all now dubbed Munnin because the people believe this bird to be an immortal god.

The adventurers could come into this town, the effigy of ravens all over in reverence to a god rarely spoken of. If persuaded, the people would open up about it, but not trusting outsiders and fearing the wrath of Munnin, most will not speak of it. The adventure could open up into an investigation of if this is a real god. Maybe the town are devote believers and will defend the bird as a group of cultists. Maybe there is a small tangled dungeon of trees and vines in its forest where it has tricked and trained other creatures to defend it for scraps of food, hence why no adventures have eliminated it. Perhaps the town is looking to use the adventurers as the next sacrifice to go a season without giving up precious livestock.

What do you think? Do you like the corpse rook? Are you planning to use it in your next campaign? If so, go grab yourself a copy of Fifth Edition Foes by Frog God Games, its wonderful. While you’re at the Frog God Games website store, remember you can use Nerdarchy’s exclusive coupon code STAY-NERDY-30 for a two time 30 percent discount on anything in the store!

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