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character buildGreetings Nerdarchists.  Nerdarchy is looking to launch another game into our schedule.  If you missed our session zero feel free to watch the video below.  My character build for that Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition  game is a deep gnome bard.

Now bards in previous editions really did not appeal to me.  I think before 5th edition I had only played one bard in approximately 20 years of playing Dungeons and Dragons.  5th edition on the other hand really changed my mind.  I have played in less than 10 campaigns in the year since the release of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition and 2 of those characters have been bards.  So what does that say about them?

Dungeons and Dragons character build

So with this character build for 5th edition, my goal was to make a well rounded character.  He has a few things that he would be good at, excel at really because of expertise but be a support character all around. As this race class combination is a sub-optimal character build it fits.

He becomes a back up healer though after looking at the selection of character builds in the video below healing probably will not be a problem.  I am taking college of valor so I will be able to be a back up fighter as well.

A low level bard in 5th edition gets jack-of-all-trades which means there is only one point difference between the skills I take proficiency in and the ones I don’t so trying any skill almost an equal chance of Dungeons and Dragonssuccess.  That is another wonderful thing about bards in dungeons and dragons 5th edition.

So here is his story subject to change based on some possible interaction from other characters in the campaign.

Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition

Thulwar was raised from a early age appreciating the way of life of a deep gone.  he appreciated hard work and learning.  A day spent without working up a good sweat was a day wasted.  Though he sampled many of the crafts of his kin he always loved and achieved his best work with the fine detail of jeweling.
He was accepted into the guild of jewelers and took the craft as his surname as is common among his kind.
After many years of work he had a small name for himself and his shop was getting some serious notoriety.  Eventually an “accident” happened.  A cave in crushed the business one evening and all the supplies and the business owner all at once.

Thulwar though for sure that Schtickwick Ringmaker was behind it some how and quarreled with him for sometime until his innocence was proven though it ruined his marriage, because in order to prove where he was his mistress came forward.  Thulwar, saddened by his accusation caused such distress in his home he decided to leave.

Still convinced that it was no mere cave in that ruined his lofty goals every so often a new idea soars into his head and is willing to put all his effort in that one direction.  He is blind to the truth that it could be a simple cave in and his flaw is that he is susceptible to even others ideas about who could be behind his first masters death.

Years after the incident he has traveled and studied with other crafts teaching a little here and eventually 5th editionfound his way to Outkast.  Life there was not like life where he was from.  Thulwar quickly learned that coin was almost reverential here and if you had enough you could get away with anything.

A little turned off at first but eventually settling in with a way of life.  He carries a book of child heroes and there tales.  Some of those life lessons carry him through life and have guided his decisions on many occasions.  Eventually he was able to gain entrance to a master story tellers class.  Everything is for sale here even training.

Thulwar trained in knowledge, he trained in combat and he trained in crafts.  He worked hard for years doing almost anything that people would give him coin for to pay for the masters teaching.  The master was an ancient Dueregar nearing 5 centuries old.  He moved here (as early as possible either when he was a child or as soon as it was created which ever is possible)

The dwarf never let his students slack in training though Thulwar may not have been the best, he always found fault in himself, the teacher saw how hard he worked and approved of that.  When he completed his training he was presented a brass orb with some strange runes on it.

It is well made and looks very nice.  How ever the master said perhaps this will be useful to you one day.  He might have been senile, it could be a joke or harmless prank or it could be rich in meaning.  Only time will tell.

Since this day Thulwar has always had this orb with him though he can get little to no information about it.  He takes jobs where he can doing anything that  pays and spends time making and losing money fighting in the pits.  Or should I say: “The Pits”  The pits is a fighting ring where people fight on the stone floor surrounded by watchers and mostly people wagering on the outcome.  Thulwar being so small in comparison to many here in Outkast, even the dwarves, was bet against in his first few fights to the loss of many.

The winnings he took away from those fights would have been enough to open his open jewelers shop if the outraged betters not sought him out for revenge.  They beat him within an inch of his life.  Several times over the months since it happened.  One day they might have killed him if another Svirfneblin not have intervened.  Using magic he brought him back from deaths door and closed the wounds that would have done him in.

Since that day they have been fast friends and accomplices. . – More on Andrew’s(Sr2joker on youtube) character when I have it.

From the fights and near murder almost done to him Thulwar has an impressive collection of scars on his dark gray lumpy skin.  He is ready to start the adventure Nerdarchist Dave has prepared for him.  Deep Gnome Bard,here he is ready to play.


I hope you like my character build and be on the look out for the live game plays on our channel.

So as always until next time, Stay Nerdy!

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