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Hello and welcome fellow Nerdarchists. I’m seeing a goblins web-comic, which means it must be Wednesday. This week we put together a combination of words I never imagined uttering in the same sentence — necromancer and goblin. Who knew? I never know what to expect from a goblins web-comic. The little green guys could be doing anything at any given time. A goblin as the necromancer who would of thunk.

the necromancer

We hope you enjoyed this weeks goblins web-comic. If so let us know down in the comments what you thought.

Until next time, stay nerdy.

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  1. dragonmasterdean
    | Reply

    Nice… Have a NPC goblin that was saved by a fighter in our group. He feeds him beef jerky. Any goblin word for that?

    • Dave Friant
      | Reply

      I’ll have to consult Nerdarchist Ryan and we will see.

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