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Salutations, nerds! April is starting to wind down and that means it’s time for May. We’re heading to the beach to discover a tropical island cove and the denizens living there in our upcoming Patreon rewards. Every month supporters at the $2 level and above receive early access to digital products bound for Nerdarchy the Store. Wizard’s Wake serves as the centerpiece for this Fifth Edition supplement. This non-euclidean shipwreck holds loads of interesting booty inside. There are five new magic items, four new monsters and a couple of new player races inspired by some of the creatures of the Galapagos Islands. Clerics can put their faith in the Travel Domain and the Circle of the Sea lures druids with powers inspired by the enigmatic anglerfish.

It’s D&D so even a trip to a tropical beach retreat involves excitement and danger. [Art by Ashkan Ghanbari]

Beach adventure awaits

Buckle up and get ready to travel to the Gylathacian Isles, where the Rending Reef surrounding the land makes safe travel to the islands difficult and travel outside nearly impossible. An isolated little place with its own set of people and concerns.

See, there was a shipwreck here a while back. A boat belonging to a wizard brought some strange and dangerous things to the Gylathacians. Since then they haven’t quite been able to clear it out or remove it from the landmass. When adventurers crash land in this place will they be able to do what the locals haven’t managed and clear the wreckage? And what kinds of plunder will they find in the process?

New subclasses

Travel Domain. Travel is something most people have to do every so often and as a result gods of travel appear in every culture. These are the gods of transitional spaces, of ships and wagons and roadways. Clerics of travel are often adventurers themselves, and by design of their place in the world they often take ships and roadways and explore the area around them.

Circle of Salt. As a druid of salt you understand the beauty of the ocean and the seas better than most, to the point that the water flows through you. You understand the salt content of the sea is the same as that of the blood in your body, and regard the ocean and the world’s waters as the blood of the earth. There are few places that bring peace like the sea.

New magic items

Conch of Warning. A jeweled conch alerting chosen creatures on the same plane to know your location and how to find you.

Teeth of Ankhara. A necklace of enchanted teeth giving the power to live beneath the waves.

Trident of Water Travel. A golden trident fit for an aquatic warrior.

Ring of Planar Anchoring. A heavy ring preventing you from being banished.

Watcher’s Pendant. A eye that catches what you might have missed.

New monsters

Rusted Guardian. A suit of armor, rusted around the edges from exposure to water but still formidable. These guardians were enchanted by a wizard to protect valuable possessions in their absence.

Mage’s Echo. When a spellcaster dies, sometimes a part of their soul lingers behind with the body rather than moving on to its final resting place. These imprints are called mage’s echoes.

Prismatic Octopus. A colorful creature originating off the coast of the Gylathacian Islands. There is magic in most of the creatures in the area, and over time a high arcane diet gave the ink of these octopi mystical properties of their own as they adapted to fit their surroundings.

The Gylathacian Isles

Surrounded on all sides by the Rending Reef, the Gylathacian Isles are difficult to navigate to safely and even more difficult to leave. As a result, they tend to be very isolated from the outside world with few of the beings who live there travelling far from their own shores and even fewer visitors.

Get ready to ride the waves and hope to find your way back out again. I hope you have fun playing with this one. It was a particular treat to work on. We create new stuff for players and GMs to drop right into your games every month, plus ways to game with us and connect including live chats and our Discord, monthly giveaways and more. If you’re not already a Patreon supporter you can still get this or previous rewards instantly. We post them right on the Patreon page so if you have the Constitution to scroll that far back, you earn yourself some inspiration, friend. Check it out here.

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