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Nerdarchy on 5 Best Feats for Combat for a Hexblade Warlock in D&D

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In this 11-minute video on Nerdarchy the YouTube channel Nerdarchists Dave and Ted talk about The Hexblade warlock subclass for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. They examine 5E D&D feats that would work best in combat.

The conversation begins with Dave and Ted explaining what makes a warlock gish different than other gish characters. The core of the discussion focuses on five feats they identify as the best overall. These include options to help keep The Hexblade alive in the thick of things and squeeze even more efficacy from their signature combat features.

As an addendum they mention another Otherworldly Patron you can find right here at Nerdarchy the Website. The Collective is a warlock option with a cyberpunk flavor. As the creator puts it, “The cyberpunk genre often incorporates the concept of megacorporations twisting society into a commercialized dystopia where the line between mortal and machine thins by the day, as technology encroaches upon free consciousness. Notions of corporations really resonated with me and as I thought about it I realized an employment contract with a corporation would probably be very similar to warlocks’ deals with Otherworldly Patrons.” You can find The Collective and play a different kind of warlock for your next game right here.

What are your top picks for combat feats for The Hexblade warlock in 5E D&D? Do you know any cool interactions you’ve discovered? Got any interesting experiences to share from times your feat choices made a big impact in your games? Let us know in the comments and as always, stay nerdy!

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