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Nerdarchy Live is Alive! …But What Is It?

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We’ve created a second YouTube channel! There’s no sense in burying the lead and we’re proud to announce the launch of Nerdarchy Live, the new home of our longform video content. Nerdarchy the YouTube channel remains our flagship source of news, views and homebrews where we share new videos three times each week about fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons (and sometimes we talk about other tabletop roleplaying games too).

nerdarchy live chat youtube

Live chat, live games, and more?

The new Nerdarchy Live YouTube channel hit the ground running this week where we continued Live Chat Revivified and welcomed Queen of D&D Satine Phoenix to hang out with the community. The popular weekday live chats stream Monday through Friday at noon eastern, when Nerdarchist Dave and a creative guest from the RPG community share some time and talk about whatever comes up, from pet projects to actual pets. We encourage the live chat audience to ask questions and do our best to get them into the chat as well.

We also opened out our longtime Monday evening Patreon live chat to the public. Every week at 8 p.m. eastern a rotating duo of Nerdarchists Dave and Ted and Nerditor Doug tackle topics and ideas for D&D around a central theme. These chat topics then become the focus for the weekly Nerdarchy the Newsletter where we dive deeper and create new content for you to drop right into your games along with news, special offers and ways to save money on RPG stuff. The topical content from the newsletter then makes its way here to the website every Sunday.

And there’s live game plays too! Every month Nerdarchist Ted guides a party of adventurers through RPG Crate quests. Our own Megan R. Miller is joined by Vee from Crafting Muse, Jacob from Mini Terrain Domain and community member Asa for seasonal campaigns sponsored by these monthly subscription boxes filled with cool RPG swag including the adventures featured in these games.

Going forward we plan to explore more and different kinds of video content here too. This is where you come in. What sorts of videos would you like to see develop at Nerdarchy Live? Here’s some of the ideas we’re thinking about.

  • Monthly Fan One Shots. Every month the Nerdarchy crew rotates Dungeon Master duties guiding a party of adventurers through a 2-3 hour D&D session. We could play these one shots live, and maybe instead of one each month, everyone in the crew can run a monthly one shot.
  • Live Game Plays. Nerdarchy keeps us very busy making the doughnuts and like so many nerds out there our shelves are packed with games we rarely if ever get a chance to play. We could use Nerdarchy Live as an opportunity to make time to look at some of these games we’re interested in with an eye towards running a one shot in the future (also on the channel).
  • RPG Background Music. Plenty of our own YouTube subscriptions are continuous streaming music. Why not curate our own playlists and keep it going 24/7?
  • More Collaborations and Creators. Nerdarchists Dave and Ted are the heart and soul of Nerdarchy, but at the end of the day we built this brand with a goal of expanding in reach, diversity and inclusion. Discovering other talent and cultivating new voices could be really exciting.
  • More Than RPGs. Sort of the opposite of the previous point, do people enjoy the personalities or the message? Nerdarchists Dave and Ted bring a wealth of RPG insights and experiences to share, but did you know that Dave is a proud human to a pair of chinchillas? Or that Ted plays the baritone horn? Ever wondered what their favorite foods are, or long for a return to Nerdarchy videos from the Way Back when they’d delve into the world of yo-yo clubs? We’ve discussed a series thrusting Nerdarchist Ted into getting swordplay lessons from different instructors then dueling experts with his new techniques. Is that something you’d show up to see?

On the channel Discussion tab we already received one suggestion for new video content to develop there:

“How about doing a 2nd edition AD&D DARK SUN night/stream/game. I hear someone converted it to Pathfinder rules or something… would love to know more.”

The whole crew hopes to hear from you. Share your thoughts and ideas for what you’d like to see at Nerdarchy Live. Are there guests you’d like to see join Nerdarchist Dave weekdays at noon? Let us know who. Better yet — let THEM know you’d like to see them for a live chat. Reaching out to your favorite creators on social media to tell them how cool a Nerdarchy live chat can be makes it happen.

Speaking of awesome guests, this Friday, May 29 at noon eastern Nerdarchist Dave welcomes folks from Watcher! This independent production studio focuses on creating premium quality unscripted digital series with genuine curiosity and earnest exploration into a variety of topics. Nerditor Doug recognized Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara from Buzzfeed Unsolved, a super cool series starring the pair that his girlfriend turned him onto. So when YouTube recommended a video from Watcher with Shane and Ryan playing D&D I mean…come on. Emails were sent, schedules were coordinated and we’re extremely excited to talk with Watcher about their D&D experience, launching their own studio and who knows what else the creative minds will come up with live?

Social Distancing & D&D stars Shane, Ryan, Watcher Co-Founder Steven Lim and Head of Development Katie Leblanc playing through Waterdeep: Dragon Heist remotely while following healthy safety guidelines during the pandemic crisis.

“We may be socially distant but that doesn’t mean we can’t roll some D20s and lop the heads off trolls.”

Their campaign is fantastic. Dungeon Master Shane knocks it out of the park guiding the party through telling their version of how the events of chapter 1 go down over eight episodes, each about 30 minutes. Check it out here. By the time this post publishes there will be about three days until Watcher joins the live chat May 29 at noon so you can totally get caught up on that with plenty of time to spare.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the new Nerdarchy Live so you don’t miss whatever variety of fresh video content we come up with and hit the notification bell so you can join Watcher and all the other guests on Live Chat Revivified, weekdays at noon eastern here.

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