Kickstarter Korner for October 2018, Week 4

Each week during the Quests & Adventures live chat, Saturday at 2 p.m. eastern, Nerdarchists Dave and Ted and Nate the Nerdarch hang out live with fans from the Nerdarchy YouTube channel. It’s a chance to share announcements and news, answer questions from the live chat and generally just hang out and talk nerdy with the Nerdarchy community.

In the description of each weekly video, Nerdarchist Ted compiles a list and links to all the videos and website content from the week. But he also shares a selection of cool Kickstarter campaigns. As an avid Kickstarter supporter, he’s happy to share his favorite RPG and gaming-related Kickstarters with you, the Nerdarchy community. Enjoy!

RPG Related Kickstarters

Protip: The live chat topic of the pillars of 5E D&D play and the poll on Twitter leading up to it were pretty surprising. There was a fairly even split between combat, exploration and socialization, with the last of those taking the top spot. I would have guessed combat would come in first. But it was no runaway victory either. The folks in the chat kept a lively conversation going, while I was just off camera as the go-between for chat and the Nerdarchy crew. A lot of questions about how to engage players, how to get them interested in different pillars than they typically focus on, and how to make each of them more interesting were all touched on during the live chat.

Personally, exploration is my favorite part of D&D — both as a player and Dungeon Master. I love describing environments to the players and letting them poke around to learn more about their surroundings. The trick there is to start briefly and broadly and get the players curious to investigate things further on their own, revealing a bit more and going back and forth. As a player, I love when a GM puts the ball in our court to paint the scene. It really enhances one of the things I enjoy the most about RPGs — the collaboration in developing not just the story but the world around us.

Speaking of exploration I’ve really been interested in running a game highlighting this pillar. Recently I re-watched Mad Max: Fury Road and it intensified those feelings by orders of magnitude. Scouring the wasteland for guzzoline, wondering if you should use that one shotgun shell you found in this fight or save it for something more dangerous, desperate vehicle chases across the scorched earth while a deadly storm rages. That sounds like a lot of fun to me.

In the chat, several people suggested I take the helm of a new stream game to do so. I couldn’t believe it! Some of the people in chat said how much they enjoyed Ingest Quest and I was really surprised. I mean, I had a great time but it’s super cool to hear viewers enjoyed it too. I think I’ll start planning a new stream game and see where it goes. It’ll be an awesome opportunity to use Hellscapes, the post-apocalyptic 5E system by the same creator as Hyperlanes, which I adore.

As a bonus for me, this type of game would focus primarily on exploration, secondarily on combat, and socialization would be the least prominent pillar. Coming up with NPC dialogue is a weak point for me, so if there’s a small number of NPCs that I think about in advance I’m okay. But when characters are in a populated area and want to interact with a bunch of different NPCs, I get anxious. Planning a game around your strengths is a good approach for GMs — but don’t totally ignore the parts you maybe aren’t so skilled with. Instead, plan to include those aspects in a more controlled fashion. That way, you can get some practice while still playing up the things you enjoy and have more comfort with.

What do you think? Would you like to see a post-apocalyptic live stream game with dangerous environmental effects, scarce resources, and desperate struggles for survival in a hostile world?

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