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Take Your Dungeons & Dragons Game on the Road with a Tome of Holding

Kickstarter Korner for September 2018, Week 3
Kickstarter Korner for September 2018, Week 4

Our latest sponsor The Tome of Holding has a KickStarter for your Dungeons & Dragons game on the go. What is the Tome of Holding? It’s a carry box plus dice tray. Compact, super portable, a good looking way to transport your D&D dice, miniature, and it doubles as a dice tray. There are different versions of the Tome of Holding — various etched designs, and with or without various inserts (pictured below) — all designed to make your travels to Dungeons & Dragons game night easy. These look great! When you aren’t gaming and rolling those D&D dice they’ll look amazing on your bookshelf or even as a conversation piece on a coffee table.

Have Dungeons & Dragons game, will travel

TOME OF HOLDING: The hardwood D&D dice box and rolling tray

Intricate designs appear carved into the cover of this old tome. What mysteries might lie inside?


As more stretch goals get unlocked, more designs will be unlocked.


About the Tome of Holding

All of the manufacturing happens in Alex Ingram’s basement woodshop where he maniacally whips two carving demons (CNC routers) to do his bidding. They were designed and built a few years ago for the RPG Coasters campaign. Regular maintenance has kept them humming along producing parts going on three years.

Aside from the tools controlled by computers, Alex employs a number of hand tools to ensure that each piece is finished to the best quality.

There are three coats of finish on each Tome of Holding: a base thin poly for moisture protection, an oil blend that helps the detail in the artwork pop, then a light sanding and a final clear lacquer spray so it feels good to the touch.

The only part that will limit shipping, besides his throughput, is the artwork. Tomes with no artwork will be the first to ship out (Tier 1) as he can work on these and build up stock during the campaign. From there he’ll go down the backer list numerically and build everyone’s Tome of Holding who has artwork ready.

Alex plans to beat the delivery date of next summer in most cases and to give regular updates as to the status of things.

Who’s working on the Tome of Holding

Artwork — Dan Warren

If you have been playing video games, reading comic books, or been on Kickstarter for a while you will have most likely seen Dan’s work before. His latest campaign, Steve Lichman Vol. II, kind of went crazy. He and Alex have been working together for quite a few years now and have a great working relationship; primarily, trying to filter ideas Alex’s through his pen and come out with something awesome.

Everything else — Alex Ingram

Alex been working in engineering and design positions for about 15 years now and uses his woodshop in his spare time to chase the American dream.

Ideally one day he will be able to put an addition on the house and expand the woodshop into its own wing of Ingram Manor and out of the basement.

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