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IDW D&D Comic Book – Frost Giant’s Fury

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Hey, guys, Professor Bill of Comic Book University and by my name, you can probably tell that I kind of like comic books. I review a lot, and one of my current favorites is one that may appeal to every Nerdarchist. The comic in question is IDW’s “Dungeons and Dragons – Frost Giant’s Fury.”
D&D frost giants comic

IDW’s D&D comic book “Frost Giant’s Fury” brings the action, excitement and drama of a D&D game to the comic book world. Art by Netho Diaz

The perfect comic for D&D fans

This IDW comic, published by Ted Adams (not that one), is a multiple series run series where a party of adventurers get themselves in way over their heads. They started off in Waterdeep, found themselves going face-to-face with Strahd in Ravenloft, and now they are in the Spine of the World heading into the town of Fireshear, just as a party of frost giants is about to raid.
The series takes a strange turn when they discover that the frost giants have a captured a white dragon who possesses a rare and powerful magical artifact that could change the leadership of the frost giants and change the landscape of Faerun.

The characters

  • The party braves the elements in the Spine of the World in Frost Giant’s Fury. Art by Netho Diaz

    Minsc – The beloved ranger and his pet, the giant miniature space hamster Boo, the heroes of Baldur’s Gate. He no longer feels like a hero as he is less successful in battle than he’d like as of late.

  • Delina – The wild magic sorceress moon elf. She is searching for her brother Deniak in Baldur’s Gate but was shocked to find that Deniak had become the leader of the Dragon Cult and wanted to use her abilities to become a red dragon.
  • Krydle – The half-elven bastard son of noble blood is a rogue thief whose mother was killed by the thieves’ guild he was a member of in Baldur’s Gate. While he was initially only along for the money, he has since become something of a leader to this party. He’s also developed a special relationship with Shandie.
  • Shandie – Krydle’s partner in crime (literally), she is a halfling rogue archer who moves fast and strikes with deadly accuracy.
  • Nerys – a cleric of the God of Death who joined the party in Ravenloft. She despises the undead and seeks to eliminate all those who did not die naturally. She went toe-to-toe with Strahd but was badly wounded and she teeters on the edge of death herself, unable to heal her own wounds.
Frost Giant's Fury comic

The adventuring party in Frost Giant’s Fury has all the bases covered. Art by Netho Diaz

This comic is a great way for new fans to understand D&D. Even for those of us who are familiar with the game (or masters), this is a great story that can be used for your game, like an adventure module. At the end of the books, they also add the character sheet of one of the party members.

A short article this week, guys, but three videos of reviews to enjoy. Also, consider grabbing a copy of the comics. If you don’t know where your local comic book store is you can find it online. That, or you can go to https://www.comixology.com/ and download the comics directly.

Support the hobby on every front.

Professor Bill
Comic Book University
Class dismissed.

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