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Hero Forge Adventure Calendar custom miniature

Hero Forge’s Adventure Calendar Presents Presents for the Holidays

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Hello all you fine and lovely people out there. If you missed part one of this article you can check it out here. This is the second part talking about all the great new developments Hero Forge makes available in December with their Adventure Calendar. Hero Forge is an amazing custom miniature creation company. You get to design the miniature exactly as you want. As stated previously I have been getting their miniatures for years and I have watched the catalog of races, poses and options continue to grow.

Hero Forge Adventure Calendar custom miniature

Deep miniature customization with Hero Forge

In part one I informed you about how every day in December they are adding a new item to the catalog of options for your miniatures, revealing one each day on their Adventure Calendar. How cool is that? Without further ado let see what they have unlocked for our custom miniature creation options since part one of this preview series:

  • Day 13: Acoustic guitar
  • Day 14: Sports bra for your hero or heroine on the move
  • Day 15: Techno Axe for the best in your futuristic melee weapons
  • Day 16: Ornate Renaissance Hat for those seeking to join the Nobles club
  • Day 17: Ocarina musical instrument for your bards or those looking to recreate Link
  • Day 18: Pinecone base item for your nature based characters
  • Day 19: Martial arts headband
  • Day 20: Blast shield for your dystopian future needs
  • Day 21: Dragon Shield *amazing*
  • Day 22: Cargo Pants

These are some great items and a wide array of options present themselves when I look at them. I have to say of the whole collection the dragon shield is far and away the coolest item added. When you look at it that every day through the whole month they are adding a new item further increasing the customization options for everyone it is truly fantastic.

If you are not aware of the process of what Hero Forge is let me explain. Hero Forge allows you to custom design your miniature, basically to exactly what you are looking for. You can choose your race or species with a male or female design. You can change the height and width. You can customize the expression on the minis face. You can pick what if anything they have in their hands. You can decide what kind of hair it has, or does it have horns? Pick the clothes or armor it is wearing. Would you rather select an outfit or put it together piecemeal? All of these are options and still the customization goes on. Pick a pose and then you have a multi point orientation to change the angle of the joint. Every time I go back to Hero Forge I am amazed at all the extra options they have added since I was there last. And they show them to you with a NEW tag that is not super in your face about it.

After all that miniature customization is complete you have even more choices. If you have your own 3D printer you can purchase the STL file to download and begin printing. If not you can have Hero Forge handle the printing in your choice of plastic, steel or bronze. Do you want it medium or large sized for your typical D&D game? They have the options for both. The turn around time is great and anytime I had an issue with the miniature, Hero Forge has always made it right.

If you have never been to Hero Forge’s website, even if you do not use miniatures in your game, I think you do yourself a disservice by not checking them out. You can make your miniature, exactly as you see them and place it upon your shelf forever being a memory of that character you enjoyed playing. Or simply take a screenshot of your creation, save your work and come back later. Visit the Hero Forge website here and tag us on social media when you share your creations!

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