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Hero Forge’s Adventure Calendar Reveals New Miniature Options Every Day

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Every day throughout the month of December Hero Forge is adding a new item to their already extensive catalog. You really want to be on the watch as I assure you when Hero Forge did this last year they had some really awesome stuff. Over on the Hero Forge Minis Facebook page you can keep up to date on all the exciting announcements about new items and options to create your own customized miniatures to use for tabletop roleplaying games.

Hero Forge custom miniatures

Follow Hero Forge on Instagram for spectacular photos of customized minis.

Hero Forge Adventure Calendar

Every day for the month of December, Hero Forge is releasing a new item to their website. These fantastic releases aim to make your holiday season extra merry. Here is the Adventure Calendar releases so far:

  • Day 1: short hair ponytail
  • Day 2: bear headdress
  • Day 3: mystical arcane sword
  • Day 4: starfish bikini
  • Day 5: vintage blowtorch
  • Day 6: moon elf ears
  • Day 7: elegant blade
  • Day 8: oyster with pearl as a base item
  • Day 9: extra long ponytail
  • Day 10: bowl of stuff
  • Day 11: tall boots
  • Day 12: Jabot shirt

Regardless of the type of miniatures you enjoy making, I have to say there is something for everyone up there. These items span many different genres and character archetypes. Hero Forge offers dozens of fantasy races and thousands of parts, with an easy-to-use design tool that lets you build your perfect miniature online using a fully 3D, in-depth character creator right in your web browser.

I am a big fan of Hero Forge and love that they add new stuff every week to their options for miniatures, but to add new items every day in the month of December seriously shows the commitment they have to being the best place to create your own customized tabletop miniature for your characters.

I will also add that when they share the pictures on their Facebook page and Instagram they give you a wide variety of figure options showing the diversity of miniatures you can make on their wonderful site. But since not everyone is going to their site regularly, this wide range also shows you other things you might have missed since the last time you made a miniature.

Before I head out of here, I want to remind you that while many who love tabletop roleplaying games play Dungeons & Dragons or other fantasy settings, Hero Forge offers miniatures for every genre out there. I have my Orc Street Mage I played for a game of Shadowrun that I created and purchased a couple of years back, and I love playing around with the design tool whether it’s for a character I intend to play in a game or simply to find inspiration. And to be honest, it’s fun to design miniatures and explore the deep level of customization available. So regardless of what type of game you are playing, check out the superior customization of the miniature creation process and make your own Hero Forge miniature today. Visit the Hero Forge website here and tag us on social media when you share your creations!

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