Halloween D&D Adventures are a Treat at DM’s Guild — No Trick!

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The fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons creative community shares their enthusiasm in lots of ways. One of those ways is the Dungeon Master’s Guild, an online marketplace where people all over the world create new content for D&D. With Halloween just a few weeks away here in the US, the jack-o’-lantern light is shining on spooky holiday themed adventures and material, so this week let’s focus on some of the Halloween D&D adventures at the DM’s Guild.

Before browsing the digital shelves of the DM’s Guild, take a look at this recent tweet from Chris Perkins. If you’ve got a dream of working with the D&D team on official Wizards of the Coast products, the DM’s Guild is a terrific place to get started. Not only is there tons of really extraordinary material for your D&D games to take inspiration and learn from, there’s straight up resources specifically for helping creators improve their skills. Art, style guides and design elements are some of the resources for DMG creators. If you’ve got an idea for an adventure, new character options or whatever, or you’re looking for a particular kind of content, continue you search there and who knows? You could be replying to Chris Perkins and one day see your name in the credits of an official D&D product. [NERDITOR’S NOTE: Your search should start with Nerdarchy, ‘natch!]

Curse of Strahd von Zarovich Halloween D&D adventures
Count Strahd von Zarovich is one of the greatest D&D villains of all time. His tale might garner some sympathy…but he’s still an evil villain you can feel good about foiling.

Halloween D&D adventures at DM’s Guild

  • Weekend at Strahd’s by Anthony Joyce and Oliver Clegg is a this totally wicked two-hour adventure for 3-6 characters levels 5-10. One player plays as Strahd’s corpse on a retro journey through Castle Ravenloft to collect five pieces of a powerful artifact known as the Pentaforce. The adventure is designed to play casually as a one shot — looking at you Halloween game night — but I suspect you could get a lot more mileage out of it. Encounters like Brunch Club, Prom (Barovian Winter Fantasy ’86) and a flash-dance off with hags sound like any one of them could keep adventurers busy having fun for a while. Check it out here.
  • Spooky, Scary Skeletons from Cindy Butor is an adventure is intended for 5-7th level characters and fun for all ages. Before you can join the Trendy Tressyms guild you’ll have to survive in the Shiver Shack. Fun for all ages makes me think there’s a lighthearted element to this, which I like a lot, and it sounds like it might have a sort of monster party theme to it with dancing, screams of terror and a flameskull. I like the idea of adventure being tied to guild membership too. It makes a nice, easy adventure hook and plugs characters into an organization and a wider world. Check it out here.
  • Happy Halloween! from Joe K. is like the box of holiday decorations you get down whenever the time of year draws near. Holiday themed D&D adventures are a blast, and I’d be more than happy to decorate my campaign setting with minigames, magic costumes, magic candy and new monsters inside. There’s a bunch of random tables inside, which I’m a huge fan of, and a lot of fun D&D twists on classic Halloween tropes. Check it out here.
  • Treat or Trick by Chris “Goober” Ramsley is an adventure for 4-6 2nd-level characters, but each encounter includes notes on how to adjust the difficulty for more or less powerful groups of PCs. I adapted this adventure for my campaign setting and it was enormously fun. There’s wonderful roleplaying opportunities and a cool, spooky magical disaster to resolve. It makes a terrific Halloween one shot, or for an ongoing campaign it could be a festival going on in a small town the party travels through. Check it out here.
  • The Hag’s Apprentice — A Halloween Encounter is from…Nerdarchy! We created this kooky, spooky Halloween D&D adventure inspired by a video from the channel. We thought it would be fun to have a creature who wore a cloaker as a cloak and a darkmantle as a hat, which evolved into Hagatha the cyclops witch. In the Wyrd Wood, this very strange group of friends gets together for a monster mashup of frightening proportions as they try to recreate a hag coven with dangerous results. Check it out here.

It’s so cool to see exciting new content getting published every single day at DM’s Guild! At the same time, there’s tons and tons of older D&D content there too. If you’re a content creator at the DM’s Guild, comment below and follow us on social media to let us know about your DM’s Guild creations. We can’t promise to look at everything, but we’re happy to spotlight cool things we see around on the internet to help make your D&D games more fun and memorable.

Stay nerdy!

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