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WizKids Stone Bridge

Find Adventure Over, Under or Across WizKids 4D Settings: Stone Bridge

When I look for affordable scenery and setting terrain for my tabletop roleplaying games the 4D line by WizKids is really taking off. There are so many great pieces and sets now available and even more on the horizon. The 4D line recently released the Settings: Stone Bridge.

Terrain to bring your imagination to life

This set has over 40 pieces and works with any tabletop RPG and could even work great for any miniature war game. The whole Stone Bridge comes in six pieces allowing you to control the height the bridge reaches over the surface. You can assemble the Stone Bridge with two sides or attach the middle as well. If you want to make the bridge whole or broken or even missing pieces the nature of the design allows to do all of those things.

I stated there are over 40 pieces and only 6 of them are the Stone Bridge. So what else is included in the box? There are two bridge guards, one male and one female. The set has four wooden blockades that can easily be used for many a different scenario on or off the bridge. There are also a couple of signs and spikes that can be “stuck in the ground” and either have skulls or wolf heads put on them. There are two guard huts so you can have one at either end along with chains to have the bridge marked as open or closed.

These components allow you create so many different scenarios with just the right set pieces and layout. You could totally have a cool broken bridge scenario, whether it be the bridge breaks out from under adventurers or they are chased onto the bridge hoping to get across only to find the attackers foresaw this and broke the bridge in advance. All of your stories of trolls living under a bridge would work out well especially if you use the risers to give the bridge extra height.

The extra bits could give way to using the bridge crossing over from one land into another. Whether you use the skulls and it is more of a necromantic land or maybe just as a warning. The wolf heads also could lead into a more barbaric landscape. It could be a place of kill or be killed.

The 4D line continues to expand and put out amazing products. I eagerly await to see what cool products will be out next. Stay tuned for more here or over on the WizKids website, as I am sure to be talking about the new releases. And be sure to check out the Stone Bridge and other awesome terrain pieces here.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay nerdy!

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Ted Adams

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