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customized magic items

Expanded Mageforge – Rune – Custom magic item Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition

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customized magic itemsNerdarchist Ted here and thanks for checking this article out.  I am  going to go a little more in depth on the customized magic item that I presented to Daves character Uthen-Gar in my Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition game.

Customized magic items in 5th edition

Magic items are a large part of Dungeons and Dragons and it is important to have items that not only add a benefit to characters but have ones in your game that enrich the players, but your world as well.

When I created ‘Rune,’ a tiny elemental it was to have a role playing tool in the party that I controlled but to give Dave’s character a mechanical benefit.  He is playing a dwarven fighter wizard and thus will need coin for armor as well as magical research.  By giving him an item that reduces his cost I have lessened that burden of his character choice.

If you have watched our videos on our You Tube channel you most likely have heard Nate the Nerdarch talking about his part of our world, The Chimes of Discordia.  In his part he has mentioned the dwarves referred to as the Moridanes.

These are dwarves that are a little eccentric and are know for magic item creation.  In the video below we talk about Rune being made by these dwarves but we do not go any further than just the Moridanes made it.

So let us delve deeper into this customized magic item for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.Dungeons and Dragons

Around 800 years before the campaign started in Griffongaff hundreds of miles away in the land of the Moridanes a dwarven wizard was making a name for himself.  But rather than do as most other dwarves did, he crafted a new name by his antics.  In the years since this dwarf would come to be known as Magicbeard Moridane.

He took great care to have this name replaced on all records.  He even developed spells just for this type of thing.

Well Magicbeard was a powerful wizard and in his eccentricity he decided he was going to learn primordial by way of conversations with a summoned elemental.  He also thought to modify his spell so that when the elemental would appear it would be the same one he spoke with previously.

The main reason for this was so that his tutor would already know of his progress.  As the days progressed it became habit and a daily joy for both wizard and elemental.  Though the dwarf learned the language  and though they were communicating primarily in primordial, the dwarf still summoned him daily and the earth elemental came and conversed with the wizard.

Some time later as every wizard develops enemies, Magicbeard did as well.  One day during his conversation with the elemental his tower came under assault. The magic used to bring down his tower began to sever the connection not only to the elemental plane, but to the essence of the elemental as well.


Seeing his elemental friend, who had lived for centuries being taken apart.  He thought quickly and enacted magic on the fly.  Magicbeard took a fragment out of the elementals chest and vanished away from his tower in a puff of smoke.

His teleport spell took him to another of his safe locations and once he verified that this place was not also under attack when into further spells on this hunk of rock.  After several days of hard work and a few failed attempts to summon his friend from the elemental plane of earth he completed the magic to animate the rock n his grasp.

The rock is about two and a half inches in diameter though it is by no means symmetrical.  Dwarven symbols of power, magic and strength are etched and carved into the stone.  When the name ‘Rune’ is spoken in dwarven the rock unfolds into the likeness of a cross between an elemental and a dwarf.

Customized magic item – ‘Rune’5th edition

Rune Unique magic item though of an uncommon power level

Rune is a rock that can transform into a tiny humanoid.  Rune speaks Dwarven

Rune can be used as a Familiar.  Rune grants magical knowledge when compelled and reduces the gold cost when adding spells to a spellbook.

It is possible that magical means exist to unlock more of the elemental and magical knowledge.

So there you have it.  An expanded form or more detail on my customized magic item for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

Put your comments below what you think.  And by now I am certain you know the drill, “Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy!”

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