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We recently did a video about fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons called: D&D Wizard 5E — 3 Deadly Spells Verbal Components Only. In making that video we created a list from the wizard spell list of spells that only require only verbal spellcasting components. It occurred to me we haven’t put the list anywhere for the folks who might be interested the rest of the spells we came up with. It also occurred to me we’ve go the perfect place to put that list, with us having a website and all. D&D wizards have at least one spell at every level they can cast only using verbal spell components. This opens up a lot of possibilities. For instance in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons a wizard could focus only on verbal spellcasting components.

D&D Wizards 5E — 3 Deadly Spells Verbal Components Only Video

Spells for D&D wizards without verbal spell components in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons

In our video we picked 3 spells plus 1 bonus spell from the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons wizard spell list. On the wizard spell list below, spells marked with (AHL) indicate spells that can be cast with higher level spell slots for greater effects.

  • Cantrips (2)
    • Lightning lure
    • Sword burst
  • 1st-Level Spells (1)
    • Cause fear (AHL)
  • 2nd-Level Spells (6)
    • Blindness/deafness (AHL)
    • Blur
    • Earthbind
    • Knock
    • Misty step
    • Warding wind
  • 3rd-Level Spells (1)
    • Thunder step (AHL)
  • 4th-Level Spells (1)
    • Dimension door
  • 5th-Level Spells (4)
    • Contact other plane
    • Far step
    • Geas (AHL)
    • Immolation
  • 6th-Level Spells (2)
    • Otto’s irresistible dance
    • Scatter
  • 7th-Level Spells (2)
    • Power word pain
    • Teleport
  • 8th-Level Spells (1)
    • Power word stun
  • 9th-Level Spells (3)
    • Power word kill
    • Time stop
    • Wish
wizard spell list
Pyroclasm is a 9th-level spell for D&D wizards from Deep Magic: Elemental Magic by Kobold Press. It has verbal, somatic and material components, and is pretty spectacular. But an equally powerful wizard can simply utter a word and kill a creature, stop time, or make a wish. Click the image to check out the book filled with new spells, a Sorcerous Origin, Warlock Otherworldly Patron, Wizard Arcane Tradition and more. [Art by Marcel Mercado]

D&D wizards prepare their wizard spell list carefully

There are a total of four spells that can be bumped up with higher spell slots. In addition, two of the spells are cantrips which increase in their potency based on character level. As always you can use a higher level spell slot to cast a lower level spell even if you can’t increase its effect. It isn’t the most optimal move, but in a pinch it could be what a situation calls for.

These might be useful under certain specific conditions. The wizard finds their hands bound and their spell components or arcane focus has been removed from them. Another might be a caster who is disabled and can’t use their hands to cast spells.

If I’m being completely honest I usually don’t consider spell components during spell selection except for maybe expensive material components. Generally I make sure I have a nice mix of defense, control, buff, damage, and utility. Even when looking at damaging spells I try to mix up. Now I’ll be also looking to make sure I’m mixing up the spellcasting component for D&D wizards going forward. As we’ve pointed out in the video and worth mentioning again, there is a lot of crossover between the sorcerer and wizard spell list. This makes the Subtle Spell metamagic a lot more powerful.

The question is do you want us to breakdown other spellcasting components for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons from the wizard spell list and other spellcasters?

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