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D&D Memes

5 Best D&D Memes

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D&D memes have embedded themselves into the whole Dungeons and Dragons culture. We pick our top 5 favorite in this article and video. Below you will find the video, the transcription from that video, and the memes themselves as well.

5 Best D&D Memes Video

5 Best D&D Memes Video Transcription

Dave: “ I was just looking for some D&D memes to post on our Facebook page. This stuff is hilarious.”

Ted: “Do you, do you want to share on then.”

Dave: “Sure Ted, let’s go over our top five picks for D&D memes.”

Dave: “ Welcome to Nerdarchy foreigners by Nerds, I’m Nerdarchist Dave. And today as always, I’m hanging out with this nerd.”

Ted: “ Nerdarchist Ted.”

Dave: “Hey, maybe it’s your first time hanging out in Ted’s basement. It’s a place where we’d like to talk about news views and homebrews for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, sometimes we even talk about other role-playing games.”

Ted: “So if you don’t want to miss a single video with and don’t forget to crit hit that subscribe button and a attune that notification bell.”

Dave: “So you know, as YouTubers with a lot of social media and really entrenched in the D&D community, I feel like part of that culture is D&D memes it’s huge. It’s been around for a while now since the beginning of Internet meme started popping up. Right. And the thing that’s great about Dungeons and Dragons memes is a lot of this stuff is based off of experiences a lot of us have had. And I think that’s why they’re so funny cause that’s the like the common thread that we can all kind of like relate to.”

Ted: “That relation, There’s, so many times that you come upon a meme that if you shared with somebody who doesn’t play this wonderful game, they’re just like, well what does that mean. You know, they don’t get it, what’s a mimic, you know, what do you mean you walk into a room and cast fireball. They just don’t understand. But for us, I mean we’ve been playing and getting 20, 30 years of peace, you know, here and like we know all of these things. We’ve had all of these vast experiences playing this game.”

Dave: “Memes and C are almost like this comedic archive. Since the beginning of the game for the past 50 years that have been springing up at people’s tables right when they get together to play. But it’s not just the D&D it would kind of like spread out. It’s like how many times you’re sitting there, you’re hanging out with all your friends and you’re playing Dungeons and Dragons and then all of a sudden, boom! Someone drops the Monty Python reference, you know, or gamers or references. It’s like, you know, all of these things that have kind of like being collected into D&D, some of them have sprung from D&D and then they get pulled back in. It’s a lot of fun and it just adds another level of community and shared experience that we all can kind of enjoy together. You know, sometimes now it’s just like, oh, you’re on social media and you either make or find this funny meme to post and you know, like your friends all over the world. Are there been a get it because they’re gamers, they play D&D.”

Ted: “Absolutely. I look at the stuff and I look into this, this great community and I mean we’re heavily entranced in social media as you said. We share a lot of that stuff out, you know, on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook and it’s there. But I mean we’ve been doing this for years. So it’s like, all right, how can we take and figure out what’s going to be the best And we’ve been doing this for this long.”

Dave: “I don’t know if we can find the best, but we can sure find our favorites. So we’re going to break them down into five different categories.”

Ted: “ Let’s break down these categories and then we’ll get into the specifics of them.”

Dave: “So the first one is that player, I don’t think we really need to explain this one because everyone had to deal with or has had that player at their table.”

Ted: “ Next up is going to be monster. I mean how, how many times you know, has there been a monster that’s created specifically for D&D that only D&D players know.”

Dave: “And there’s plenty of them that are iconic. “

Ted: “Absolutely.”

Dave: “ Next up is spell, like you can’t play D&D without casting spells. So we felt like that’s a pretty iconic thing for a Dungeons and Dragons player and fan. It deserves its own category.”

Ted: “We’ve talked about relationships. So we’ve categories the next one as relatable. There are so many experiences that we have playing this game that we thought it would be really important to make one the typical D&D player just knows.”

Dave: “ Yeah, absolutely. It doesn’t matter if you’ve met a person or not, you guys and gals can have the same shared experience no matter what because you guys and gals are gamers.”

Ted: “So what’s our last category, Dave?”

Dave: “Lastly we have that DM and it basically is kind of an extension of that player cause we all know what it’s about.”

Ted: “Absolutely. So we’ve got some really great memes that we’re going to share here and you know you’ll have to let us know whether you agree or whether you disagree.”

Dave: “But before we do, want to tell you about something really special that we have going on. Speaking of memes, we post a ton of memes over on our Facebook page. But you know that’s not the only place you can find us.”

Ted: “For instance, we’re running games of D&D over in England in a castle. We still have a couple of spots left. If you, want to live a D&D vacation with Nerdarchy.

Dave: “Yup. Check that out down in the description below. Now we’re going to jump into this specific memes and we were going to start with that player. This is one of my favorites cause I’ve definitely played with this player enough times. I didn’t ask how big the room was. I said I cast fireball.D&D Memes

Ted: “This is one of those things. You know, you’ve all seen those players who they don’t care what’s going on. They said they looked in a room and they saw they were monsters and they drop a fireball, you know, fireballs or one of those things that, it just solves all the problems, right?

Dave: “ Not only that though, but we have also heard players say hit points are a resource.”

Ted: “that is entirely true. All right, so the next one up is monster. And you know, this one happens to be one of my favorites. Uh, the monster, of course, is going to be the mimic. So the barkeeper asked us why we carried weapons on us in the bar. I said mimics, the barkeeper laughed, the party laughed, the table laughed, we killed the table.”Dungeona and Dragons

Dave: “Absolutely mimic is such an iconic monster and does is a drag as the idea, you know, that you could be anywhere and it could be anything is amazing. And it’s just funny because adventures are just paranoid about everything. And there’s a reason it’s called mimics.”

Ted: “So yeah, one of my favorite monsters, uh, I’ve used them in a large variety of ways, even gone against the norm and had, uh, an NPC that was friendly towards the party that was a mimic is great.”

Dave: “Well, I will say back at a D&D there was a more intelligent version of the mimic. So it’s definitely a possibility. So next up we have the spell meme. This one is classic because the spell that we’re referencing is classic. The necromancer is a classic wizard throughout the ages of D&D. No matter what version you’re playing. So that meme, why all the hate towards necromancers? Can a guy just raise a family and peace?”DMs

Ted: “Necromancers are awesome. You know, people have been playing them for years and when you get into the whole puns of, you know, raise versus raised, it definitely works for me. I love this one and I still chuckle hilariously when it, when it comes up.”

Dave: “And it also plays on are they evil or not evil, is it a bad thing to animate the dead? I don’t know. You decide.”

Ted: “Our next meme is going to be relatable. As I said earlier, all of the shared experiences of the indie really open things up to, you know, something that we can all share. And you know, in this particular one I think there are so many D&D players out there who have come across this. It’s funny, but at the same time, you know, you might want to shed a single tear from, you know what happens. So here it is, you know, you’ve got one side, the swear jar with a little bit of money in it and the other jar has making D&D characters you’ll never play jar. That’s obviously quite full.”5e D&D

Dave: “It is a pain that we can all share. Some of us just love making characters, but we don’t always have games to play them in.”

Ted: “To me, you know, playing characters or making characters that I’ve played for a single, you know, one shot or made characters and I’m like, Hey, you know this, this would be really great and then I’ll never have a campaign to run them. It hurts even more. Like when we do these videos on character building, I’m like, I want to play that, but I don’t have a campaign lined up anywhere in the near future that I can do so. So yeah, my jar will be full.”

Dave: “ Absolutely. Or you know, games just pop up that those characters don’t fit and you have to well make a new character.”

Ted: “Make a new character.”

Dave: “ All right, final, last but not least, that DM, random encounters just stop rolling already. Dammit.”5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons

Ted: “Random encounters are awesome. And you know, fifth edition has kind of moved away from the whole unbalanced encounter and that sometimes, you know, you shouldn’t be fighting things that are outside of your, your league, or at least that’s, you know, the vantage point of, you know, many DMs that are out there. But I can tell you in the early days that was not the case. You definitely had to, you know, kind of size things up and say, should I or shouldn’t I?”

Dave: “Yeah. 1E and 2E advanced dungeons and dragons, it was just, whatever lived in that area that was on the chart with third edition D&D, it moved more into fair and balanced and encounters, fourth edition, Dungeons and dragons as well as fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons definitely carried those forward.”

Ted: “So, you know, here, you know, you’ve got this picture of, you know, the party, surrounded by shields because you know something way bigger, you know, then what they can handle. It, you know, pushing them towards the edge of a cliff and it’s like, please, we just want to live.”

Dave: “Well. Yeah. And it kind of Harkens back to the idea of, you know, the DMs or just kind of like slaves to the dice and the material they were written. This would probably be the hallmark of a killer GM back in the day for sure. And also the idea that you know, when you do things randomly, sometimes the dice just freaking hate you and you’re just going to, you know, you set four watches, you made four roles and they all came up random encounters. So it’s going to be a rough night. And at that point, you know, especially if you’ve already had a full day adventuring as a player, as the party, you’re like, please dungeon master, just stop rolling”

Ted: “The style of GMing definitely Harkens to, as Dave says, that killer GM, that one. It’s like, you know what, I’m just going to do whatever the day say. That can be harsh. And that is one of that DM.”

Dave: “So the question is, what are some of your favorite memes Feel free to tell us all about them down in the comments below. But Hey, before we head on out of here, let me invite you to join the Nerdarchy adventuring party over on Patreon. Hey, Ted you what to tell them about it.”

Ted: “Every month we are creating products for fifth edition dungeons and dragons for players and DMs alike.”

Dave: “Not only that, automatically our patrons get entered into our monthly giveaways.”

Ted: “But that’s not all. We’re also having a weekly hangout with our patrons.”

Dave: “And till next time,”

Both: “Stay nerdy!”

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