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Realize Your World with Fantasy World Creator

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Fantasy World Creator tabletop terrain fantasy roleplaying game

Fantasy World Creator product line by Gamestart Edizioni

The “World Creator” product line dedicated to Fantasy RPGs, is designed for all players who want a “physical” setting on which to play but without having to spend too much on miniatures or expensive plastic scenarios. The Fantasy World Creator core box contains more than 500 elements including game tiles, character and monster tokens, fast environments and status tokens. The two expansions, proposed in the first reprint in March, add accessories for players (such as interactive equipment cards) and a rewritable book dedicated to masters, the Black Book, containing maps and tools to keep track of every aspect of adventures and characters. Any element is dry-erase rewritable, ensuring total customization.

tabletop terrain fantasy roleplaying game

Fantasy World Creator

A webapp is included to manage all the material digitally. With it you can create maps and write adventures and then share them with other users or export them to PDF. At the moment the community has about 3000 members.

Dungeon & Town

Fantasy World Creator

It is the expansion of Fantasy World Creator that completes the line by implementing the third dimension in the system. It can be used together with the products already presented but also by those who only play with a battlemat: its use is universal, reflecting the philosophy of the “World Creator” products.

With FWC-D&T you can create your own game scenario, in three dimensions and in a simple way, build walls for strongholds, village houses and develop immense and complex dungeons. Complete your scenario with scenic elements, adding furniture, plants, torches and details of all kinds. All props have an interlocking system that does not require glue.

FWC – D&T is composed of a series of walls of different sizes, roofs and details to make dungeons and towns “alive”. One kit is enough to cover about 1 square meter of surface composed with FWC tiles. We have created a special and textured cross base that allows endless combinations of joints, making all the structure solid and quick to compose.

Many questions have been asked to us about the durability of the product, we can assure you that the combination of plastic lamination of the cardboard and the rounded corners of the base slits, reduce friction to a minimum during composition.

All parts of D&T maintain the style of FWC, so illustrations in “old style” and rewritability in all its parts: do you want to draw a secret passage on a wall? nothing easier.

In the first 48 hours, an “extra” package worth 15 euros will be presented as a gift, adding another 100 unpublished items, such as signboards, tombs, crypts, fences and much more.

During the campaign there will be many proposals with stretch goals and addons: the first will have a common theme “Castle” so different parts will be unlocked to be able to build an entire one that will cover an area of about 60cm2. These parts will be alternated with other additions in the expansion theme.
One of the most important addons consists of 4 miniatures, the result of collaboration with the Italian artist Claudio Casini, which pay homage to Heroquest; they will be proposed together with a “pack” containing all the characters and monsters illustrated in the FWC cards, shaped and illustrated also on the back to give them a greater 3D effect.

The D&T kit will be offered at a price in line with the other FWC expansion (the Treasure Pack, presented in March 2019) but discounted if taken in combination with other products.

Check out the Fantasy World Creator: Dungeon & Town — 3D Modular System Kickstarter here.

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