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Wizard’s Wake (PDF)


Welcome to the Gylathacean Isles! Adventurers earn a vacation to this tropical locale and find fun in the sun. It’s not long before they learn about Wizard’s Wake, an ancient shipwreck tied to a magical disaster. No true 5E fantasy vacation is complete without an excursion into danger to discover arcane secrets and treasure.

Wizard’s Wake includes a map and details about the Gylathacean Isles along with the colorful folk who make their home on the sea, plus a one shot adventure to discover the mysteries within the wreckage of an ancient ship.

  • New Monsters including the Prismatic Octopus, perfect for a tropical familiar
  • New Playable Races: reptilian ambryl and otaraa sealfolk
  • New Druidic Circle: Circle of Salt
  • New Divine Domain: Travel Domain
  • 5 New Magic Items


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