Order of the Wizened for 5th Edition


A Product for 5th Edition of the World’s Greatest Role-Playing Game.

From a secret stronghold carefully concealed high in the mountains, the Order of the Wizened guard vast repositories of ancient knowledge.
Cursed by Baphomet for stubborn refusal of its gifts the oreamnos, or goat folk, now act as guardians against the Horned King’s return to the world.

These sentinels of civilization are ever watchful for agents of the Labyrinth, devotees of the demon lord ever plotting to reach the secluded stronghold and seize the knowledge within.

Inside you’ll find new magic items, monsters and NPC allies from the Order of the Wizened, an adventure that draws heroes into a deadly maze, a new playable race and background, and details on the demonic cult of the Labyrinth.


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