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Dark Paths: Winter Lord’s Throne (PDF)


The Fifth Edition content in this book explores new, darker paths for adventurers to follow. Beginning down one of these dark paths leads to power but at a perilous cost. Heroes of the dark face insurmountable odds and challenging decisions whether it is worth the cost to fight against such forces by tapping into the same source of insidious influence as their terrible foes.

A massive complex resides within the gargantuan throne of the Winter Lord. An important icon from a northern village has been taken into the complex, and they need it to be returned to help stimulate the spring thaw and allow the agriculture in their community to take place. Will you be able to return it to the community? Can you withstand the tide of the dead in order to do so?

  • Adventure scenario for four 9th level characters
  • 5 New Creatures including a unique NPC acolyte of the Winter Lord
  • New Ranger Archetype — Stygian Shadow
  • 4 New Magic Items
  • New Playable Race — Dullahan


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