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Dark Paths: Gathering (PDF)


The Fifth Edition content in this module continues our exploration down new, darker paths for adventurers to follow. Beginning down one of these dark paths leads to power but at a perilous cost. Heroes of the dark face insurmountable odds and face challenging decisions whether it is worth the cost to fight against such forces by tapping into the same source of insidious influence as their terrible foes.

What secrets will the blazing light of the Shimmer reveal? In this new scenario format we’re creating dynamic encounters you can drop into your game at any time. Not quite an adventure and much more than a random encounter these circumstances engage characters and players with components to construct their own unique story with guidance from the Game Master. Future modules connect together to form non-linear narrative tools for your group to create their own unique stories.

In this scenario a sinister force has taken hold of the local clergy and turned the regional deacon into a powerful agent of its will. A temporary ally turned enemy compels the deacon to make a bold move and subsume any and all nonbelievers into the fold in one fell swoop. To this end the Shimmerglow temple gathers a large crowd to proselytize them all at once. Something Happens! when the deacon completes a powerful prayer and the Gathering is bathed in the dazzling light of the Shimmer.

  • Includes Shimmer Module Guide with Dramatis Personae for all four modules and sample story paths
  • Adventure scenario for four 12th level characters
  • Ominous Omens — Adventurers must tread much further down Dark Paths to discover more about a potent symbol of authority
  • New Magic Items — Armor of the Inquisitor and Ring of Planar Binding
  • New Elemental Monster — Aurora Wraith
  • New NPCs — Shimmer Priests and Lightbound Inquisitor (Stat block for a hitherto only mentioned about NPC? You know what that means!)


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