Dark Paths: The Chained One


The Fifth Edition content in this book explores new, darker paths for adventurers to follow. Beginning down one of these dark paths leads to power but at a perilous cost. Heroes of the dark face insurmountable odds and challenging decisions whether it is worth the cost to fight against such forces by tapping into the same source of insidious influence as their terrible foes.

This Dark Path leads to The Chained One, a living portal, a vast being existing simultaneously in more than one place. Could this being of malediction be the cause of all the feral animals in the region? The monks of the chained fist would know but communication from their temple mysteriously stopped and if the entity in the catacombs broke free, doom surely follows.

  • Adventure scenario for four 8th level characters
  • 5 New Creatures including an alternative for find familiar and two unique NPCs
  • New Bard College: College of Cataclysm
  • 6 New Magic Items
  • New Weapon — Maw Hammer