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Nerdarchy on 5 Best D&D Feats: Echo Knight Fighter Subclass

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In this 10-minute video on Nerdarchy the YouTube channel Nerdarchists Dave and Ted dive into the Echo Knight Martial Archetype for fighters from Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount. They give their top 5 feats for the Echo Knight in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons.

The conversation begins with Dave and Ted taking a look at the Echo Knight Martial Archetype in general and considering how they operate. For example the Echo Knight includes more reactions and bonus actions than the average fighter subclass. This is something to keep in mind while perusing options for feats. In contrast a Martial Archetype like the Eldritch Knight comes with its own particular considerations.

Because of the peculiar nature of the Echo Knight’s signature feature the various interactions available from either the character themselves or their echo create some interesting possibilities.

Diving into the discussion Dave and Ted take a broad look at all the feat options available in 5E D&D and then go over their picks when it comes to synergy for an Echo Knight. How would you rank these feats? Is it better to shore up weaknesses and pain points or focus on strengths? Do you prefer passive features providing static benefits at all times or more active options?

The selection of feats begins with one seeming to go against the grain as regards the Echo Knight and these fighters’ reliance on their reaction feature with a popular and powerful feat to double down on usage. Other picks focus on what fighters do best — fighting — with some wiggle room depending on the type of warrior you like to play.

If you’re interested in a new Martial Archetype to play we’ve got one of our own for you to try too. A Mane Knight is a disciplined warrior who trains their body, mind and spirit to exemplify ferocity. They trust the enigmatic energy flowing through them along with their own majestic skill to overcome any adversary. Nerdarchist Ted recently played a Mane Knight in a high level one shot and had an absolute blast.

What are your top picks for feats for Echo Knight fighters in 5E D&D? Do you know any cool interactions you’ve discovered? Got any interesting experiences to share from times your feat choices made a big impact in your games? Let us know in the comments and as always, stay nerdy!

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