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Marvel Super Heroes RPG Live Game All About the Chat

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Hey, guys, Professor Bill of Comic Book University and I want to talk about you.
No, seriously, all of you guys who appear in the chat for the Marvel Super Heroes Roleplaying Game FASERIP live game I run for the crew on Mondays. Also, all of you who comment afterward in the comments section of those videos, I try to go back to the videos once in a while to see if there are questions I can answer or see your opinions.

A special thanks to the live game chat

I love how interactive you guys are and I’m almost always surprised by the various responses you guys have and I’m not the only one. Several of the players (Nerdarchist Dave, Web editor Doug Vehovec, Unpaid Volunteer “Intern” Kyle, Staff writer Ty Johnston, and Staff writer Megan R. Miller) have talked about how “the chat” is in our FASERIP game.

“The Chat”

After the game finishes, the group will typically talk for about a half hour or so and we usually discuss how you guys acted and reacted.
In all the live chats that Nerdarchy does, six days a week, “the chat” talks about whatever, regardless of what is being discussed by the host or guest, but not on MondaysMondays are different, and for this comic book nerd, that genuinely brings warmth to my heart.
The game I run is different, it’s interactive, you get to affect the story, just a little… just a little.
This is new for me, using the chat interactively, so I’ll often make mistakes but hopefully, this helps me to craft a pattern that works well for player and chat together. I’m hoping to develop a formula that works for any game at any time.
I could drag this out with a lot of fluff but I’d rather you guys be awake when I say, “Thank you,” for participating. Also, know that I look forward to seeing your names in the chat as much as I look forward to seeing the players’ faces on the screen.
You’re all a part of the game.
Professor Bill
Comic Book University
Class dismissed

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